Cassio Audi: The Drummer of the Viper Band

Latin America has produced some of the most influential musicians on the planet. The music industry in the continent is dominated by musicians and bands that have been influenced by their American and European counterpart. In the 1980s, a band rose to fame after they have exhibited the music reminiscent of European and American rock bands. The band, known as Viper, enjoyed several years of fame. One of the reasons why they shot up into popularity is because of their drummer, Cassio Audi.

The drummer of Viper, Cassio Audi, auditioned for the position when he was only a teenager. He developed his skills in playing the drums when he was only a kid. His parents discovered his talent, and they helped him hone his talent and become a master drummer by the time he was in his early teenage years. He would, later on, join the Viper band because he wanted to share his talent with the world. Cassio Audi earned respect from his bandmates after he revealed that he was only a teenager. The other members of Viper were surprised, knowing that in his delicate age, he already knows how to play a complicated instrument. True to his word, he showed his talent to the whole world, and Viper gained a huge following after the success of one of their shows.

Cassio Audi enjoyed the world of fame for years. However, he felt like the task he is doing is repetitive, and grew bored of his life as a musician. He wanted to take up another career, so he called his bandmates and informed them of his plan. His bandmates understood that he wanted to pursue a different career, so they invited him to record one last song with Cassio Audi leading the drums. The album was known as the Soldiers of Sunrise, and it became a huge hit.

Cassio Audi finally left the band in 1989, and he had his life journey to discover what he wants with his life. Based on the accounts of those who have seen him, it was reported that he is working today at a financial firm.