Chainsmokers, Music Converted Into Lessons

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the collaborative duo which make up the entire sonically driven sound that is The Chainsmokers. They have been honestly one of the only bands who put out their hearts and souls out there into the world to hear when it comes down to electronic dance music and the expectations surrounding the genre as a whole. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are truth seekers and value the honesty of human intimacy rather than fraudulent, fake, and the insincere promises of Facebook and Twitter. They have worked viciously hard on what it is that they love to do and no doubt deserve the fame that they have been receiving from the masses at large. With over a billion streams of listeners who listen to their recorded songs such as Closer, Roses, and many others they have disclosed to the masses of what it is that is going on in today’s generation of artistry. They have recently gotten out of a nine month space where they put a new song called Sick Boy which describes the kind of madness that goes on in the heads of those who get sucked into the world of getting likes on Facebook and other such news feeds. They are described as being an art form in themselves because no other band speaks so blatantly about the truth of things when the subject of social media is brought up to the entire world. Their music has not fallen upon deaths ears when regarding their topic and insights about the craziness that happens in the people’s lives who fixate and overly get sucked into dependence upon something outside of themselves. The truth hurts but that is why the Chainsmokers took all of their anger and frustration to convert it creatively into a song that speaks volumes more than a lifeless and empty beat track that does nothing but make people’s heads nod. Yes, the Chainsmokers have acquired their unique take and view upon the digital world with their songwriting abilities and now the world is more understanding of it because of them.