Jason Hope Fights Against Aging

No one wants to get older, but it’s something everyone must face; or is it? There are several organizations out there trying to discover ways to combat the effects of aging. Getting older is something people used to think was inevitable, so most health companies only focused on combating the effects of getting older.

Now, people like philanthropist Jason Hope are getting involved. A few years ago, Jason Hope became interested in researching health care issues that arise as people get older. Most likely scared of getting older himself, he began looking for ways to combat aging.

What he found was an organization called SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is dedicated to fighting the effects of getting older at the sources of the problem. Effectively, they’re trying to prolong human life so that people don’t have to face any of the many health problems that come with higher ages.

Although that problem seems impossible, current biotechnology gives modern humans a chance to change nature. Jason Hope first started working with SENS in 2010 when he donated $500,000 to the organization. He believed that their approach to healthcare is the only one that shows real promise and potential.

Jason Hope is a man who’s focused on improving humanity’s quality of life. He lives one of the healthiest lives of anyone, and still, he doesn’t want to face the difficulties of getting older. Every day, he wakes and has a healthy breakfast before a quick workout. After that, he starts his daily routines of checking email, messages, and social media accounts.

Unlike other futurists, Hope also understands that people need to take breaks from technology. He doesn’t stay on the computer or his phone all day; he periodically takes breaks. The only times he might stay online longer is if he’s working on bringing an idea to life.

Most of his ideas seem far-fetch or too imaginative for most people to understand. In reality, all of the ideas he works on are simple or at least not too overly complicated. Once he has a general idea, it’s just a matter of taking things step-by-step, checking and double checking everything along the way.

Like every other futurist, technology is something that gets him really excited. He’s especially excited about IoT (the “Internet of Things”).

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