Top Aspects about David McDonald; OSI Group President

David McDonald is OSI Group president. OSI Group is a worldwide food supplier which partners with global brands. McDonald has worked in OSI Group for over 30 decades and has been a key figure in its tremendous growth. The mission and vision of OSI Group since inception was to deliver food supplies to more clients than any other food supplying provider in the world. The vision and mission still remains the same to date.

Due to OSI’s Group global stature, Mc Donald works hard with his team to ensure they maintain good logistsics that are capable of matching up the evolving global market. In order to ensure everything is running smoothly, McDonald closely works with the local markets to ascertain that they can meet all the customers’ needs with minimal hassles.

OSI Group, recently, bought Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a firm that has a specialty in processing foods and handling deli meat. Upon the acquisition of Baho Foods, OSI has been able to penetrate well in the European market. Another core achievement in Mc Donald’s tenure is that OSI Group has been able to set up 10 Chinese facilities that handle poultry. These facilities service numerous well-established restaurants.

When interviewed on inspirey and asked oh how he started in this industry, David says that he joined OSI Group 30 years ago after he graduated from college. David says that he started from the bottom and has climbed the corporate ladder over the years. David says that he has had a key interest in agriculture and biology since he was young. While in college, driven by his passion, McDonald majored in the field of Animal Science.

David opens up that OSI Group makes money by providing and processing food products and services globally to major companies. He is keen to note that over his more than 30 years tenure at McDonald, OSI Group has enjoyed a constant tremendous growth. The company has been lucky to establish vibrant partnerships that have been widely successful over the years.

David McDonald was born and raised in Iowa. David holds a degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. He is the Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of OSI conglomerate. Moreover, he is the Mafrig Global Foods’ Independent Director.

David commits a good proportion of his time dealing with projects that seek to improve Iowa State Agricultural sector. McDonald was a key figure in drafting the Global Sustainability Report in the year 2007/2007.

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