Jason Hope and Helping To Put An End To Aging

What if someone said that they hope to one day be able to change how aging works? Would you be inclined to learn a little more about them? What if someone told you that there was a way to help to find a cure for some diseases and illnesses that affect people all around the world? Are you more interested in the outcome?

For one individual, Jason Hope, he hopes to one day be able to find a way to help counter react aging but also to help others out by finding ways to put an end to things like diabetes and Alzheimers. Jason Hope is helping to put an end to things like this. The changes being made to modern medicine through the SENS Foundation is helping to bring healthcare, medicine and redefining how the healthcare field is working.

Jason Hope has invested his own money into helping to ensure that medicine and technology is working together. In order for Jason to show his own hope within the field, he was able to risk his own money when he invested a half million dollars of his own finances. The hope is to bring tremendous changes to how things work under the SENS Foundation.

The chief executive for SENS, Mike Kope has helped to highlight the contributions made by Jason Hope to include the importance of the funds donated by Jason Hope. With the funds donated by Jason, the nonprofit was able to help out those who need it the most, like the elderly. With the use of biotechnology, there are new and exciting ways to rejuvenate others around the world.

One of the cool and exciting things that the money was able to do was to help prevent cells from bonding and becausse Jason Hope was able to donate the money to the SENS Foundation, this was one thing that they were able to start working on. This technique would help to put a stop to clogged arteries as well as to prevent arteries from hardening and can help to put an end to high blood pressure. These conditions are just some of the things that can be put an end to by helping the SENS Foundation find cures to common health problems.

The one thing in life that cannot ever be avoided is aging. No matter who it is, the fact remains that anyone and everyone has to age. How you age is up to you and finding ways to counter react how aging affects you is up to you. With the help of the SENS Foundation, the hope is to put an end to how each person responds to aging and the breakdown of cells.

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Upwork: Techniques for Time Management

There are several platforms on the Internet that allow you to work as a freelance professional. One of the most widely recognized in the world is a website known as Upwork. Upwork was created as a rebranding effort in 2015 by parent company Elance. The company is based out of California and has managed to create a reputation for itself as one of the largest freelance platforms in the world. Every year over 3 million jobs are posted, and a total of $1 billion is exchanged on the platform. In total there are 12 million professional freelancers registered with the site as well as 5 million business clients. In addition to their freelance platform, they also have a blog where they publish material related to productivity.

In a recent post by the company, they discuss several techniques that you can use in order to enhance the results that you get by using a to-do list. Upwork states that one of the biggest pitfalls of a to-do list is that individuals do not know how to organize them effectively.

In order to effectively organize a task list, it is important that you learn how to create a proper task list in the first place. Whenever you are in the process of creating a task list, it is useful to dump everything in your brain onto a single common piece of paper. There are two effects from this. One everything in your head can be put into writing which can eliminate distracting thoughts in the future. In addition, by having all of this information in one single place, you do not have to spend time looking for where the information is located.

Once you have all of the information on a piece of paper, you can then go about organizing the tasks. The most effective method of organization is by ranking them in order of priority. As you work your way through the list from the most important to the least, you can take time to reevaluate some of the items that are on your list. You will often find that sometimes you have items on the list that do not need to be done.

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Jason Hope Fights Against Aging

No one wants to get older, but it’s something everyone must face; or is it? There are several organizations out there trying to discover ways to combat the effects of aging. Getting older is something people used to think was inevitable, so most health companies only focused on combating the effects of getting older.

Now, people like philanthropist Jason Hope are getting involved. A few years ago, Jason Hope became interested in researching health care issues that arise as people get older. Most likely scared of getting older himself, he began looking for ways to combat aging.

What he found was an organization called SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is dedicated to fighting the effects of getting older at the sources of the problem. Effectively, they’re trying to prolong human life so that people don’t have to face any of the many health problems that come with higher ages.

Although that problem seems impossible, current biotechnology gives modern humans a chance to change nature. Jason Hope first started working with SENS in 2010 when he donated $500,000 to the organization. He believed that their approach to healthcare is the only one that shows real promise and potential.

Jason Hope is a man who’s focused on improving humanity’s quality of life. He lives one of the healthiest lives of anyone, and still, he doesn’t want to face the difficulties of getting older. Every day, he wakes and has a healthy breakfast before a quick workout. After that, he starts his daily routines of checking email, messages, and social media accounts.

Unlike other futurists, Hope also understands that people need to take breaks from technology. He doesn’t stay on the computer or his phone all day; he periodically takes breaks. The only times he might stay online longer is if he’s working on bringing an idea to life.

Most of his ideas seem far-fetch or too imaginative for most people to understand. In reality, all of the ideas he works on are simple or at least not too overly complicated. Once he has a general idea, it’s just a matter of taking things step-by-step, checking and double checking everything along the way.

Like every other futurist, technology is something that gets him really excited. He’s especially excited about IoT (the “Internet of Things”).

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Vijay Eswaran Guides Investors in Different Businesses

Without a doubt, life is way better when things are working out. Most importantly, when you make bold moves and excel in thought and action, the energy rubs off on your associates. That is according to one Vijay Eswaran who is a multifaceted entrepreneur, an author, motivational speaker and role model to business professionals. According to him, business can be transformed into a successful venture in a blink of an eye. All it takes is the focus and dedication in achieving excellent results.

Background Data

Eswaran was born in Malaysia. His father worked in the ministry of labour while his mother worked as an educator. All too often, his family moved within the country. In the process, Vijay experienced different energies and economies around the cities. Perhaps that is how he decided to delve into business. First off, he joined London School of Economics where he studied socio-economics. After school, he bummed within the city for about 12 months. In the process, Eswaran worked for different companies including one in which he plucked grapes and monitored contractors in a construction site. Without a doubt, he garnered excellent people skills while working in those companies. Aside from that, he perfected his leadership skills. It was now time for him to venture into online marketing.


Eswaran joined the industry of binary system after attaining a professional academic credential from the United Kingdom’s CIMA. Being visionary, he pursued an MBA from the prestigious Illinois University then started on with multilevel marketing.


Eswaran spent most of his years working as an engineer for information systems in different companies including ones in North America in addition to South-East Asia. Eleven years later, he returned to Malaysia and ventured into what would later be termed as his success story. He owns various businesses including QI Group; which is his major success story. The multilevel company has expanded into an e-commerce platform that deals with telecommunications, wellness, corporate investments and media.

Succeeding in Business with Vijay Eswaran

Eswaran joins the list of the wealthiest men in Asia. His net worth is approximately more than $500 million. He implores emerging business professionals to focus on various businesses as the major way to succeed. That way, they shall have spread their risks. What is more, business has its challenges. That should however, not deter someone from achieving the best eventually.

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Talos Energy Gives People a Chance for Success

When Talos Energy started, they knew what they wanted to do to help people. They wanted to show others there was a chance they could be successful no matter what issues they faced. The energy industry is different in that people don’t understand all the options they have for success. If the energy industry changes, Talos Energy does what they need to accommodate those changes. They want to help people understand things will get better and things will continue getting better as long as they’re working toward a more successful future. Talos Energy always looks ahead to try and help people understand the positive options they have.

As long as Talos Energy continues helping their customers by providing them with innovative solutions, they’ll keep offering them all the best opportunities they have for success. The company makes a point of showing people that things will get better and things will continue working for them no matter what they must do to make it possible. The company dedicates all their hard work and knows what it means to show people things can get better no matter what. For Talos Energy, the point of all this is giving back and making it easier for people to see how things can change.

Throughout the time Talos Energy was growing their business, they knew how things would keep getting better. They weren’t afraid to help people have a better experience with the energy they provided. Because of this, they reached more people. They expanded their customer base and they gave people a chance to see things would keep getting better no matter how hard they had to work to make it happen. Talos Energy kept on course when it came to how they planned to help people and that paid off with everything they did.

Now that Stone Energy is a part of Talos Energy, the companies are doing what they can to give people a more enjoyable time. They know things will continue getting better and things will change based on the options they have. For Talos Energy, the thought of helping others is a big part of their business. It’s something they must do each time they begin working on their own. For Talos Energy to do this, they had to prepare. The company went public as soon as they acquired Stone Energy because they knew it would be the best option to use.


Jordan Lindsey Talks About Himself And His Zeal To Succeed

Jordan Lindsey is generally known for founding JCL Capital. But there is more to his achievements than this. He studied at both St. Joseph’s College and Mount Angel Seminary. He works as a professional systems architecture designer and programmer.

When it comes to managing financial services and technology industry, Mr. Lindsey is reputed as an experienced founder and a veteran algo trader. He is happily married to Giovanna Acha and has three beautiful daughters.

Jordan Lindsey had always had the mind of becoming an entrepreneur and loved to compete in challenging tasks. As a child, he enjoyed playing sports like tennis and ice hockey while growing up in New York. Aside from his alma mater, he has spent some of his life living abroad in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mexico, and Argentina.

Jordan Lindsey found his way into the cryptocurrency markets when he developed his own cryptocurrency. This was when he launched the first third-party verified algorithm as a pre-scheduled bot in 3Q17. Basically, his main aim was to make something great out of something good.

He also stated that he and his development team are currently working the development of the site’s backend framework in preparation for the platform launch. As a self- taught programmer, he created the first 100 percent transparent trading bot – Bitcoin Growth Bot – for a lending program.

In order to make the token appreciate in value, Jordan Lindsey decided to apply the age-old principle of supply and demand to create demand for the Nucleus token he had created within the Waves platform. Ultimately, he used the successful algorithm he had created to establish demand for the token.

According to him, planning ahead and following through to accomplish those tasks with determination is key to achieving productivity. Despite putting in long years of hard work to fund a successful company, Mr. Lindsey still sees himself as a person who is yet to arrive at his dreams. To him, the real work has just begun. He his relatively focused on creating new things and making them great. As an entrepreneur, he has learned never to be afraid of failure as it can lead to success.



See Why O2pur Is Taking the E-Cigars Market by Storm

Most companies today are doing well because they went through a revolutionary process. If a company fears an innovative process, it is likely not to get to some heights in the business world. The Tobacco industry has embraced the revolution process in a great way and the results can be seen. Almost all the cigarette companies such as o2pur are going through the innovative process. If you look at the portfolios of most of these companies, you will discover that they are coming up with some newer cigarette alternatives. Companies like o2pur are doing all they can to ensure the cigarette alternatives they come up with are combustible.

There is a drastic change in the cigarette industry since most companies are moving from the traditional cigarettes. With the traditional cigarettes, the user has to burn the tobacco to get the flavor from the cigar, and the nicotine taste they are craving for. However, this won’t be the case with the newer cigarette options. With the modern cigarettes, you don’t have to burn them to enjoy the exceptional flavor and taste you want. The new technology has attracted even the most famous tobacco companies such as the British American Tobacco. The new technology in the tobacco industry requires one to heat the cigar and not to burn it.

This technology has introduced the electronic cigarettes in the market today. When you heat the tobacco, the vapor created brings out the flavor and taste you want from the nicotine. When tobacco is burned, the chemicals it contains become toxic. However, heating tobacco ensures the vapor in the tobacco is toxic free. Since the cigar filled with tobacco would have to be replaced after use, it becomes easier for the manufacturing company to enjoy a consistent flow of revenue. The o2pur has become very popular in the e-cigar market. The co-owners of o2pur are Vapex, Victor E Juice, and Scott Barth. The company has become famous in the market because of the different e-cigars flavors it is able to produce. The good thing with e-cigarettes is that they come with favorable prices, favorable flavors, and different quantities.

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Chainsmokers, Music Converted Into Lessons

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the collaborative duo which make up the entire sonically driven sound that is The Chainsmokers. They have been honestly one of the only bands who put out their hearts and souls out there into the world to hear when it comes down to electronic dance music and the expectations surrounding the genre as a whole. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are truth seekers and value the honesty of human intimacy rather than fraudulent, fake, and the insincere promises of Facebook and Twitter. They have worked viciously hard on what it is that they love to do and no doubt deserve the fame that they have been receiving from the masses at large. With over a billion streams of listeners who listen to their recorded songs such as Closer, Roses, and many others they have disclosed to the masses of what it is that is going on in today’s generation of artistry. They have recently gotten out of a nine month space where they put a new song called Sick Boy which describes the kind of madness that goes on in the heads of those who get sucked into the world of getting likes on Facebook and other such news feeds. They are described as being an art form in themselves because no other band speaks so blatantly about the truth of things when the subject of social media is brought up to the entire world. Their music has not fallen upon deaths ears when regarding their topic and insights about the craziness that happens in the people’s lives who fixate and overly get sucked into dependence upon something outside of themselves. The truth hurts but that is why the Chainsmokers took all of their anger and frustration to convert it creatively into a song that speaks volumes more than a lifeless and empty beat track that does nothing but make people’s heads nod. Yes, the Chainsmokers have acquired their unique take and view upon the digital world with their songwriting abilities and now the world is more understanding of it because of them.



How Glen Wakeman Markets LaunchPad Holdings

Glen Wakeman is the founder and chief executive officer of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. He says that most startups fail because they either lack a business plan entirely or because they one they have is flawed. Using his extensive business experience he put together a company which helps the founder of startups quickly and inexpensively develop a business plan which can be used to guide them through their startup phase. He has lived all over the world and now lives in Southern Florida.

Before embarking on his career, Glen Wakeman was a student at the University of Scranton. He graduated in 1981 and was soon working for GE Money. Later on, in 1991, he attended the University of Chicago in order to earn an MBA in finance which he felt was vital for advancing his career. Glen stayed at GE Money for two decades and rose to its highest ranks.

Because he has worked all over the world, from North America to Europe to Africa to Asia to Latin America, he is a very good technocrat who has a deep understanding of the different ways to do business. He enjoys posting articles on a blog he operates which is read by thousands of young professionals as well as his clients trying to start their own companies. He enjoys nurturing the careers of other professionals as well as serving as a mentor.

It is through his writing that Glen Wakeman picks up a lot of his clients. They see that he really does know what he’s talking about when it comes to business and so they want to use LaunchPad Holdings to design their business plan. His writing usually involves the steps it takes to create a business that he learned firsthand himself. He is also connected with many advisors and capital providers which he writes about as well.

In order to market LaunchPad Holdings Glen Wakeman connects with people in his professional network. This includes old college friends, those in management positions he has worked with, capital providers, and other people with which he has formed a connection. He is often given opportunities to post on their forums, blogs, and other online sites.


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Dr. David Samadi: Pioneer in Men’s Health

Dr. David Samadi is a respected urologist specializing in urologic oncology. He has performed over 3000 robotic surgeries in treatment of prostate cancer. He currently serves as Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. He also hosted Sunday Houscall, a medical advice show on the Fox News Channel from 2011-2016. The show continues as a live stream on drsamaditv.com every Sunday at 12:30 PM EST, and is also available on Dr. Samadi’s pages on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Born in Iran in 1964, Dr. David Samadi left Iran in 1979. After attending school in Belgium and England, he went to high school in Rosslyn, New York. After receiving a degree in biochemistry from Stony Brook University in New York, he received his M.D. from the State University of New York, Stony Brook School of Medicine. He completed a residency in general surgery in 1996 from Montefiore Medical Center and a residency in urology in 2000 from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He also completed a fellowship in urologic oncology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in 2001 and then a fellowship in laproscopic and robotic surgery from Henri Mondor Hospital in France in 2002.

One of Dr. David Samadi’s most noted achievements is the invention of the SMART technique (Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment) for the treatment of prostate cancer. In an interview published on Ideamensch.com on September 17, 2017, Dr. Samadi says that one of the main advantages of the SMART technique is that it uses robotic technology to separate the prostate from the surrounding nerves, avoiding serious side effects often suffered after traditional surgery such as incontinence and impotence.

Dr. Samadi has also received many awards for his work. He was recognized in the Best Doctors issue of New York Magazine five times from 2009-2015 and was named one of America’s Top Doctors and one of America’s Top Doctors for Cancer five times each. He has won five Patients’ Choice Awards, is a three-time recipient of the Most Compassionate Doctor award and an American Cancer Society Community Partner Award recipient.

In January 2018, Dr. David Samadi wrote about Mitt Romney’s successful prostate surgery. He said that Mitt Romney made the right choice in choosing surgery over radiation because of the better overall prognosis surgery provides. He also highlighted several other politicians who had received successful prostate surgery, including Colin Powell and John Kerry.

Dr. David Samadi info: www.roboticoncology.com/