Creating a Better World Through Snacks According to Livio Bisterzo

36-year-old Santa Monica entrepreneur, Livio Bisterzo, envisions the world where snacks are both great tasting and great for you. In fact, as CEO and founder of Green Park Holdings, his company philosophies are “Tastes Good” and “Do Good”. Feeling good about what people are feeding their families takes should be easy, Bisterzo believes and he’s going to prove it with his snack line.

Recently Green Park launched a new line of healthy, delicious snacks aptly named “HIPPEAS”. These little chickpea puffs come in six varieties, Vegan White Cheddar, Siracha Sunrise, Far Out Fajita, Pepper Power, Happenin’ Hickory and Maple Haze. These chickpea snacks are vegan, certified organic, gluten-free and kosher and pack 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber in a low calorie anytime snack. Currently, these snacks can be found in Starbucks, Albertsons, and Von and by the end of the year, will be available in Kroger stores and Targets as well. HIPPEAS are also available in the UK, for a total of over 20,000 stores worldwide. Livio Bisterzo predicts an estimated 11 million in sales this year alone.

In addition, Livio Bisterzo wants his products to make a difference not just to those eating them but make a difference in the greater world. Partnering with Farm Africa, a charity that aims to improve the lives of African farmers by providing them the means to use their lands as a means to farm their way out of poverty. For each bag of HIPPEAS sold, a portion goes towards the charity. The quality of the product, these acts of philanthropy and the commitment to improving the planet has attracted renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio to invest in the company as well, helping it grow.

Originally from the UK, Livio Bisterzo graduated from London’s University of the Arts. After rising through a career in marketing, he went on to found Green Park Holdings in 2015 after noticing the increasing need for easy to eat, healthy snacks. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and three children.

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An Overview of Jose Borghi’s Influence in the Advertising Industry of Brazil

Jose Borghi, the man credited with the creation of Borghi Lowe, cannot miss out on any list looking at the most influential advertisers present in Brazil. He has created advertising campaigns that generated huge repercussions and remain unforgettable until this day. One of his memorable advertisements remains the mammals of Parmalat where he featured children wearing costumes that resembled stuffed beasts as they sang unforgettable jingles.

How Did it All Start?

Jose Henrique Borghi started off his career in a rather unconventional means. He did not clearly know what he wanted to do with himself in future when he was tackling junior high. Luckily, he had the opportunity to accompany his sister to a performance that took place at the Castro Neves Theater. The performance itself featured awards on display in Cannes. This performance greatly inspired him to join the Brazilian advertising industry. He chose this career path not knowing that one day he would be the person scooping one of the various Cannes Lions that were available then.

Starting Off

Jose Borghi hails from Presidente Prudente and graduated from PUC Campinas,. While here, he studied Advertising and Propaganda. He held down the first job in 1989 at Standart Ogilvy. He performed his duties well and this saw him passing over various great agencies like Talent, DM9/DDB, Leo Burnet and FCB. He founded his own ad agency, BotghiERh, which he started in conjunction with his friend Erh Ray. Jose Borghi recalls they did not have any investors, godfathers or the backing of any bank. The duo started from scratch but worked extra hard to building their company, which Mullen Lowe later purchased and changed its name in December 2006 to Borghi Lowe. The agency then merged with Mullen Lowe and acquired a new identity, Mullen Lowe where Borghi acts as the co-CEO together with Andre Gomes. Mr. Jose Borghi is famed for showing remarkable persistence during the hard times and for being a go-getter.

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Important Inferences, Values, and Lessons Preston Smith has Learned since Founding Rocketship Education over Ten Years Ago

Rocketship Education’s co-founder and chief executive Preston Smith has fruitfully administrated the network of public charter schools in its first ten years of operation. Having been involved in education more than a decade before founding Rocketship, Smith understands the importance of learning from one’s shortcomings, mistakes, and inaccurate inferences. As such, listed below are important pedagogical lessons Smith’s learned over Rocketship’s first ten years.

Invariably, students don’t share some things in classrooms, whether it’s an attestation to an underperforming teacher, or a learning environment that doesn’t fit their particular needs. Parents are privy to this information, able to pass it along to teachers and principals. Doing so improves quality of education, and is an integral part of Rocketship’s regular educator evaluations, helping mold instructors to meet students’ needs.

Students with learning disabilities or behavioral problems should be included in typical classroom settings as frequently as possible, rather than segregating them in smaller groups separate from their peers. This separation causes students to miss out on important aspects of learning, worsens their attitudes towards education, and lose confidence in their abilities at school. Rocketship Educations’ special needs students are designed to spend just 205 of their time at school with special education teachers, benefiting individual students and classes at large.

Gauging the attitudes, beliefs, and preferences of teachers in screening them is equally as important as ensuring the validity of past work experience and credentials. As Smith’s network of public charter schools provides feedback on a regular basis to instructors, teachers’ failure to change their behaviors encourages students to shy away from learning and become dissatisfied with spending time at school.

Although the former isn’t with Rocketship Education any longer, John Tanner and Preston Smith founded the 501(c)(3) nonprofit, educational organization in 2007 in California’s Bay Area, a region infamous for pushing out quality businesses and other entities, of which Rocketship isn’t an exception. One reason explaining Rocketship’s extensive success is its charter status, which means it’s eligible for governmental funding, although it operates independently of relevant boards of educational administrators, facilitating the tailoring of education to the particular low-income societies in which they operate.


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Roberto Santiago Launches the Main Mall

Roberto Santiago began his career as a child literature writer. Writing was his passion and he gave it all he had. Later, he engaged in script writing and play directing ventures in which he was equally successful. Roberto was also a blogger, who had his own blog, which gained fame and popularity across Brazil and in other nations. People loved his inspirational messages and would often log into his blog to find out how to beat life’s odds. It was at this phase of success that Roberto desired to do business or invest his income in business ventures. Immediately he enrolled in college where he studied for two years before joining the University Center in Joao Pessoa, where he majored in Business Administration.

While Roberto was still in college, he ventured into the hotel business in Café Santa Rosa that was in the school neighborhood. The venture was profitable, and he used the savings to start yet another business, which dealt with manufacturing cardboards, plastics, and other utility materials. The venture was very successful that the savings made here helped Roberto purchase a big piece of land. Roberto had a vision of providing fun and new life to the people of Brazil by providing them with a luxurious mall that would offer them all their needs under one roof. Therefore, he used the land purchased to build the Maniara Shopping Mall that has earned him fame all over the world. Maniara is the most modern and advanced mall in Brazil, attracting mainly the upper-class people and tourists from other regions.

Maniara Shopping Mall hosts many outlets that are modern and which surpass the expectations of the people, who visit the mall. Roberto wanted people who visited the mall to have a different taste of life and to have a heaven on earth experience. As a result, he makes sure that all outlets in the mall meet the expectation by being out of ordinary. Some of the outlets are food boutiques, Casinos, theaters, stadiums, fashion shops, banks, beauty and massage parlors among others.


Roberto is a hardworking person who gains recognition in everything he lays his hands on. Case in point, his writings are still relevant because they were done with a level of excellence. Besides, he won many awards in motor sports because he was very consistent and industrious in the field. Roberto is also disciplined and he saves every coin he makes from his business and that enabled him to save from his previous businesses to build the Maniara Shopping Mall. He says that he has learned that the best way to advance in business is to save and reinvest the money. Roberto is also very focused.

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Eric Pulier the Great Philathropist

Erick Pulier a graduate of Teaneck High school in years 1984 is a guy believed to have made an impact. He is a person whose roles are being emulated by the other World. He pursued Arts in American literature and English at the University of Havard and graduated in the year 1988. Eric Pulier has focused his life on helping people with disabilities and those suffering from chronic diseases. He is in the middle of technological advancement and focuses most on innovation. He is loved by many people because of his desire and urge to help the economically disabled in society.

Eric Pulier during his time at Harvard wrote columns at the Harvard Crimson and acted as Harvard University journalist. He writes about different topics and attracted lots of readers by then because of the humor he applied while writing the articles. In 1991 after graduating, he left for Los Angels and opened a company called, people doing things. The company focused on technological innovations in the field of education and healthcare. In 1994, Pulier founded another company called Digital Digital Evolution. In short, Eric Pulier is the founder and co-founder of more than 15 companies that are functioning to date. He has amassed a lot of wealth from his companies. He is now one of the leading technologists in the region and his innovation and skills has changed the lives of many.

Eric Pulier as stated earlier is a philanthropist and has helped so many people throughout his life. He has learned the art of sharing his wealth with the less fortunate in the society. He has been on the frontline educating people about sclerosis through media through an organization called Multiple Sclerosis Society.He also in collaboration with other people created social media platform by name Starbright World that allowed children with chronic diseases to chat and write posts safely.

Eric Pulier is also a board member of several charitable organizations and his efforts are felt everywhere. He is always on the forefront helping people in need or developing systems that will be applied to help children’s education or health conditions. He is a hero to be emulated by all.

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Lime Crime Hi-LITE Palettes Are The Newest Highlighter To Hit The Market

Lime Crime is a reputable cosmetic brand that was designed for people who have some spunk and would like to have stood out by showing their own sense of style. They sell cosmetic products such as press on nails, highlighter palettes, lipstick, eyeshadow palettes, makeup brushes, and even hair dye. One of their newest products Is their highlighter palettes. They currently offer 3 different types of highlighter palettes. They call these highlighter palettes HI-LITE. The three different palettes that they sell are called mermaids, opals, and blossoms. Mermaids HI-LITE palette has 3 colors in it Seashell, Pearl, and Mermaid. Seashell is a lavender type color, Pearl is an ivory, and mermaid is a blue-green color. The Opals HI-LITE palette also has 3 colors in it pink, gold, and peach. Blossoms HI-LITE palette like the other two palettes has three colors also. The colors featured in the Blossoms HI-LITE palette are warm gold, lavender, and sunset. All the HI-LITE palettes were made for use on all skin color types. Lime Crime’s second newest product is their hair dye products. If you are looking for a hair dye that will make your hair pop with color than this is the right brand for you. However, they also offer hair dyes that just lightly tint your hair the color of your choosing for a more subtle look. The hair color line was inspired by CEO Doe Deere’s colorful hair. With Lime Crime, you can not only show off your sense of style to the world but you can also look gorgeous well doing it. Also, you don’t have to wear the same makeup look every day and you can change things up day by day with this company’s makeup rather than trying to do it with a less pigmented brand of cosmetics. Another plus is that all of their products are cruelty free and vegan meaning unlike most of the other cosmetic lines out there they were not tested on animals and they are made from vegetable-based ingredients instead of being made with all kinds of chemicals making their cosmetics good for people who would otherwise have allergic reactions to other makeup brands.

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Market America Events

There are times in life you find yourself looking for information on how to get to some event or function? In a large country like America where events are scheduled well in advance, you need guidance on where and when to help you in planning your itinerary. At Market America events we seek to make your event easier. As an event participant and planner, we provide solutions to support you in the planning of your time. Here you find a platform with details concerning regional conventions along with seminars, trade shows, and conferences.

On the main menu, you find links to the homepage that shows you the page design plus information pertaining events in the regions indicated at the top of the page. On the same section, expect to find: international conventions, world conference, product symposium, webinars in English and Spanish, motives certification training, certified WebCenter training, Chinese boot camps among others. You will also find the dates and requirements for other events, seminars, trade shows and conventions in US Regional sites.

Market America Events is a one stop shop that provides you with all-round information. By clicking on any link on the sidebar, you will land on pages that provide you with information that is relevant to a particular event. In partnership with The UnFranchise Business, you are guided to financial success and planning, giving you an opportunity to earn and learn. You will also get information on the process of registration and ticket acquisition to enable you to get access to the next event sponsored by Market America.



The Honey Birdette Fight for the Legalization of its New Lingerie

Presently, the Chief Executive Officer Lingerie brand, Honey Birdette, has put into acknowledgment the brand which is being discussed widely. Honey Birdette has dismissed the criticism of a recent “flash mob” that is in support of equality in marriage. Lately, an estimated figure of 60 employees and models from Honey Birdette Company took to the streets demanding for marriage equality due to the government controversial postal referendum about marriage which will arrive in Australia early September.

The demonstrations were composed of models that were carrying signs with a message against the decision taken by the federal government. The Honey Birdette Company was also live-streaming the event on Face book causing different reactions from the supporters and those people that were not for it! Due to the agony and disappointment of the lingerie clad-models, there were no chants or even messages as the commenter expressed.

In the Rundle mall, there was a raunchy ad for lingerie causing a stir around the building. However, not all the attention has been welcome. Also, the Lingerie store Honey Birdette has two posters on the windows showcasing a new underwear model whereby the nipple of the model is visible.

Recent customers in the shop such as mother Tracey Henley from Sea Ford rise and the daughter Stacey Henley from Huntfield Heights also stressed that the posters might offend some of the people. However, Stacey was viewing both sides of the image and also said that many of the customers who buy products from the store would not see a big deal in it.

According to the Honey Birdette management, no complaints have been received yet. The Adelaide city Councilor has also affirmed that people consume what they wish. Al though the images are not meant to objectify women, they have expressed a different age of fashion mainly for the Models around Australia.

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I love the Benifits of Beneful for both my dog and me

My experience with buying Beniful dog food from Walmart has always been a positive one for both me and my dog. Walmart has several different varieties of Beneful dog food, both dry and wet. They have varying ranges in price from $5.48 for a 3.5lb bag or $6.97 for 12-3oz cans, and if i want to get an extra special treat for my dog I can get the Beneful prepared meals variety packs. There is the pack of 6-10oz plastic Tubs for $10.58, or they also have several size and flavor options in both wet and dry food so i know that I can get a great deal no matter what my budget may be at the time. Walmarts Beneful Healthy Weight with real salmon is my dogs favorite. The salmon flavor options come in both dry and wet varieties so I know my dog will never be bored with his food. Beneful also has several other flavor options, made with real ingredients, starting at $5.48 a bag. This lets me buy the smaller bag and see if my dog likes it before buying a bigger bag, or keeping several options on hand to rotate the flavor menu each day. Its also handy to have lower cost options when the budget is extra tight, and there is usually always a coupon available for even more savings, not to mention Walmarts regular rollbacks. With all the low cost options, sizes and flavors, I know my dog will enjoy his meals and all the flavor options, and i enjoy all the savings the savings I get.

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Dentists Helping Dentists: Why MB2 Solutions is Genius

What is MB2 Dental Solutions? With a motto like, “Patients always come before profits,” it is certainly worth finding out!

MB2 Dental Solutions is a unique organization created by dentists, to help dental practice owners manage and develop their businesses and maximize their patient care potential. MB2 essentially partners with its affiliate dentists to help them foster a streamlined practice, freeing up the dentists’ time to build relationships with their patients, which should always be the ultimate goal.

Running a dental practice can be very hectic and confusing. There are tons of things that need to be done: finances, billing, scheduling, organizing, forecasting profit, etc. That’s where MB2 Dental comes to the rescue by providing solutions for the non-clinical, day to day management of the business.

Consider MB2 your office management guru. As a human resources function, MB2 will handle everything from employee benefits to disciplinary reports. In the areas of Accounting and Finance, MB2 manages the books with a certified accountant, files tax returns and reports to the IRS, and keeps all of your office’s financial records safe.

MB2 will handle all of your billing and collections, marketing strategies, IT work, recruiting, and even assist you with training your staff. They have great relationships with excellent dental suppliers and vendors to provide your practice with the best and most affordable dental care products available. While you and your staff are providing excellent dental care to your patients, MB2 is busy doing everything else behind the scenes.

What if you haven’t established your practice yet? Maybe you are still in the planning stages. MB2 has an entire Busisess Development Division that will assist you with everything you need to get your office up and running. They develop floor plans, negotiate with builders and contractors, work with their legal team to ensure a fair lease, and organize your computer software and systems and all of your advertising! The day your practice opens, you will already be heads and shoulders above your competition.

MB2 Dental is a truly ingenious solution. Rather than outsourcing expensive services, over-extending your valuable staff, and spending exhausting hours trying to organize the business end of your dental practice, simply allow MB2 Dental Solutions to alleviate your stress.

Give your patients the care they deserve, your staff the freedom to enjoy what they do, and your family and loved ones a little extra time with you. MB2 is your perfect solution.

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