Wine And Food, The Traveling Vineyard Way

Wine is best paired with good friends and a great meal, and that especially holds true when one is visiting Napa Valley. Traveling Vineyard wine guides recently visited Napa and shared their insight on some non-wine focuses activities. It does not surprise anyone that cooking classes made the list.

The Silverado Cooking School was included in a roundup of some great things to check out during a visit to the Napa Valley area. Food pairings are just one way that Traveling Vineyard guides enhance the wine drinking experience. With appropriate wine pairings, both the wine and the food is elevated to something much more special.

In fact, learning about which foods are best complemented by the Traveling Vineyard wines is one of the main knowledge modules that the wine guides focus upon. They are able to share their expertise at private wine tasting events and as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. Knowing which wine best goes with a special dinner can set a host’s mind at ease, and this knowledge becomes very useful for those that entertain a lot. The entire experience with Traveling Vineyard is one that is centered around fun and learning about new and interesting wine-related facts.

The business model of Traveling Vineyard allows its guides to host their own wine tasting events and work with their clients to help them find the best wine for their needs. They are also able to work in a team environment and support one another to greater success. Most importantly, Traveling Vineyard focuses on enjoying wine and learning more about it in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Guides are encouraged to learn more about the wines, the winemaking process, and how each varietal is best enjoyed. They are then able to pass on this knowledge to their clients and the participants of the private wine tasting events. Traveling Vineyard is a direct sales company that focuses on having fun and enjoying wine with friends, two things that may people are already doing! The guides are able to earn money, free wine and accessories, as well as trips.

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