Talk Fusion Reaches Higher in the Video Communication Industry

CEO and founder Bob Reina brought Talk Fusion from a company of two to one of the top video communications companies in the industry. He attributes this fast-paced success to his expert techs and the high-quality technology that Talk Fusion has become known for. The crystal-clear videos and the amazing audio combine to produce state-of-the-art communications. The All-in-One Solutions package that is the star of Talk Fusion is offered for the individual and small and medium-sized businesses.


Mr. Reina shares his vision and experience with the MarTech Advisor several times. He says that he wants to make his experience available for those online business people, so they will be able to make video communications the center of their marketing strategy.


The best way he has accomplished this is by sharing the excellent video technology when he announced that Talk Fusion was offering a 30-Day Free Trial in April 2016. Reina offers the All-in-One Solutions Package, their prime product, as a 30-day Free Trial for everyone. This Free Trial excels above other Free Trials because it doesn’t need a credit card to obtain. Simply register a working email address, and to date, it has been received around the globe in over 140 countries. Go to for more information.


The All-in-One Solutions includes Video Email, Video Chat, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign-ups and an analytical program for the business. The one product that started Talk Fusion was Video Email. In 2004, Bob couldn’t send a 10-second email video, so he and a tech-savvy friend created Video Email. This was the original product of Talk Fusion, which was founded in 2007. Bob Reina’s high-tech Video Email surpassed anything that was on the market and became known worldwide in the first year.


Today, less than a decade later, Bob Reina and Talk Fusion are known around the globe for the technological advancements and expertise. Mr. Reina has reached the level of success and is continually growing. He was quick to tell Mar-Tec that this was only the beginning.

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