Securus New Tech Cuts Head Off Criminal Snake

Imagine that you are a criminal that was recently convicted and incarcerated. You have criminal enterprises that are currently carrying out operations outside of the prison. In fact, you are still profiting off of these criminal enterprises and want some sort of control over them still. How are you going to tell your guys on the outside of the prison what to do?


The easiest way to communicate with people on the outside of the prison is through the telephones hanging on the walls inside of the prison. You would have to be very careful because Securus Technologies, the telecommunications company in charge of those telephones, is recording every single phone call made on those phones. This information can be reviewed by law enforcement officers.


You would likely turn to some sort of secret language. If you could code your language just right, you could give orders to your henchmen outside of the prison while confusing law enforcement officers. And if you make that language difficult enough to understand, it would be near impossible to use those recordings in the court of law.


What you wouldn’t know is that Securus Technologies helps police officers who are listening into your phone calls. They provide this incredible software technology that allows police officers to flag certain phrases in your phone call conversations. They can also pull up every single phone call that you ever made simply by searching for your voice. This makes it incredibly difficult to come up with a secretive language that eludes law enforcement officers.


Police can easily connect your coded language with activities happening outside of the prison. They would soon discover what your words mean and they could even demonstrate a concrete link between the words and actions. This would make it admissible in court. This technology makes it all but impossible to order criminal activities from inside of the prison.


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