Cancer Treatment Centers of America Continue to Leverage Valuable Partnerships

In their quest to stay at the forefront of cancer treatment research and new developments, Cancer Treatment Centers of America recently formed a strategic partnership with NantHealth and Allscripts in order to provide physicians with the latest developments in cancer treatment options and research across various markets. When operating to its full extent, physicians will have everything needed at the point of care with the patient to make all appropriate decisions for their overall care. In addition, they will have access to any potential drug interactions that could occur as a result of a proposed treatment. It also enables them to look at the key differences between different treatment options, as well as cost differences by market.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of 5 hospitals in major cities across the United States including Philadelphia, Tulsa, Atlanta, Chicago and Phoenix. These highly specialized hospitals provide the most cutting edge cancer treatment available today by the most experienced and sought after oncologists in the country.

According to the article, “Cancer Treatment Centers of America® Partners with Allscripts and NantHealth to Launch Clinical Pathways, a Comprehensive and Custom Oncology Treatment Platform,” their headquarters is located in Boca Raton, FL. The network of highly specialized hospitals provides an integrative approach to the care of every patient that is centered around the individual and the treatment options that will best meet their specific needs. While focusing on cancer treatments and surgery, they also focus on effectively treating difficult side effects such as nausea, fatigue and pain. Before moving their headquarters to Boca Raton, Florida in 2015, The Cancer Treatment Centers of America was headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois. They do not practice a cookie cutter approach to cancer, rather believe that each cancer is just as unique as the patient that is fighting it.

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Keith Mann Is Leading Dynamic Search Partners Into The Future

Keith Mann is the Managing Director for Dynamics Executive Search and he has been in the executive search industry for over fifteen years. His specialties are hiring strategies, staffing,and hedge funds. He provides qualified employees for international financial services businesses. He is also responsible for creating a business within Dynamics Executive Search called Alternative Investment Practice in 2002. He started the company when he saw that the hedge fund sector was not being fully represented.


In addition to providing qualified marketing, investment, and internal strategy personnel they also help companies with platform building. Dynamics Executive Search is responsible for filling two hundred positions yearly. Keith Mann uses his extensive experience in the staffing and financial industry to help businesses not just acquire talent but strategically structure their companies. They range from services that Keith Mann offers is unique in his line of work which is why his company is so valuable to so many other companies that require the type of talent that Dynamic Search Partners can provide for them.


Keith Mann has been able to use his vast knowledge of staffing and the financial sector to offer unique services to some of the largest companies all over the globe. His extensive hedge fund management experience also helps to serve that sector and offer the best talent to be found. Dynamic Search Partners has enjoyed tremendous success through the leadership of Kieth Mann and is projected to continue growing over the next several years. They will continue their efforts to find the best professionals for their clients and help them to succeed in their endeavors.

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OSI Group Expands Territories by Purchasing Baho Foods

OSI Group recently made the bold step of acquiring the Dutch-based Baho Foods in a bid to expand their Europe territory. This only adds to the list of achievements OSI has made this year—another prominent one being crowned the Globe of Honor award for 2016.

OSI group is an American owned private company that provides meat processing services to retail outlets and the general food service industry. With their headquarters in Aurora Illinois, OSI has been able to make a steady and rapid growth to become one of the leading global food solution providers for both North America and Europe.

Acquiring Baho

Their move to acquire Baho food just serves to expand an already Europe market. In a press release announcing the merger, both OSI and Baho are confident there are a lot of mutual benefits to be earned from this partnership.

Baho Food is a Dutch based company that manufactures convenience food sold largely in the Europe market. Prior to the buyout, Baho owned over 5 subsidiaries namely Vital Convenience, Henri Van de Bilt, Q Smart Life, Gelderland Frischwaren and Bakx Foods. Baho Foods runs two processing companies, in Netherlands and Germany, and have grown a large clientele in over 18 European countries.

Through this acquisition, OSI will greatly benefit from a well-established European market to supply their products. Though now a part of OSI, Baho will still maintain its management model and all the projects they are currently running. Their greatest benefit from this partnership will be to reach an even wider international market currently enjoyed by OSI. They will also share the prestigious recognition and prominence OSI group gained from the 2016 Globe of Honor award.

Globe of Honor Award

The Globe of Honor, also known as Sword of Honor, is an award from the British Safety Council granted to any company that is able to achieve a high status in health, safety and environmental management while running business. All companies are welcome to apply and each is vetted by a chosen independent panel of judges. The judges review the track record of the company in the three key areas then give a ruling whether they deserve the award.

OSI Group indeed has proven to be deserving of the award by ensuring their processing plants adhere to the required safety and environmental standards. Additionally, they ensure that their employees are well taken care of financially through convenient medical cover and providing an ample working environment free of health hazards.

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Test Tube Hamburger Price Plummets from $325,000 to Just $12

Back in 2013 an ambitious researcher from Maastricht University named Mark Post created a hamburger in the lab that consisted of 20,000 strips of muscle tissue. The famed test tube burger cost over $300,000 to create. After years of research and testing the lab burger is now down to an affordable price of just a Handy $12.

The process of creating test tube meat is fairly straightforward. You start with some stem cells, put them in fetal calf serum and throw the concoction on a plastic dish to develop. The stem cells begin to starve and turn into muscle cells that eventually form muscle fibers. The end product is a tiny piece of meat about the size of a grain of rice.

It may not sound very appetizing but those who have tried it agree that it’s actually not that bad. It could be years before the rest of us get to try lab grown meat. At a price of nearly $40 per pound it isn’t exactly commercially viable at the moment.

I’m not exactly sure who the target market would be for test tube meat. Would vegetarians and vegans actually consider eating such a thing? Anyone who has no problem eating meat would probably prefer the real thing.

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Blue Bell Ice Cream Recalls All Products Amid Further Listeria Fears

Blue Bell, an ice cream manufacturer, has issued a recall of all of its products, according to a recent report. The company has recalled products across the country due to fears of listeria contamination. The recall comes after the company issued a much smaller recall in March focusing on just a few of the company’s lines of ice cream.

The original recalled occurred after three people died in Kansas from listeria infections after consuming the frozen treat. Earlier this month five more people were sickened after eating Blue Bell ice cream products. The additional illnesses have prompted the company to further recall its products, this time with a sweeping recall that takes all Blue Bell products off store shelves across the country. It is one of the largest and most extensive recalls the ice cream industry has seen.

Experts and investigators are unsure how listeria was introduced into the production line, but they have tracked the original outbreak to an Oklahoma manufacturing plant. The plant will remain closed while officials continue to investigate. Ricardo Guimarães believes that it was an ethical business move to pull it off the shelf, and believes that they have saved themselves from a PR disaster.

There is no word on when Blue Bell will commence production, but the company has said no further shipments will be sent out until each batch is tested and confirmed to be safe for consumption.

The recall comes on the heals of an extensive recall of Sabra Hummus. The hummus has been recalled because of listeria fears, as well. The two companies are not linked to one another.