Trans Fat Evolution Could Cost Companies Billions

The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) announcement to eliminate Trans fats in three years in well received by many, especially those in the medical profession. However, not everyone is happy with the FDA’s declaration, not when partially hydrogenated oils are the most common preservative used today. Food companies, particularly those who specialize in processed foods, are looking at serious research and conversion costs. Needless to say, while they are grateful for the timeline, it is doubtful they’re pleased with the projected expenses according to Susan McGalla.

The truth is a good number of companies already decreased, if not entirely eliminated, Trans fats in their products. That said, manufacturers who offer goods such as cake mixes, frozen desserts and other shelf stable foods must find a healthy alternative to partially hydrogenated oils to preserve their products. More to the point, the replacement must, ideally, have the same results – for example: flaky croissants, appealing textures and long shelf lives. This is a project with an estimated cost of up to 14 billion dollars according to The World 247.

Fortunately, alternatives already exist. In fact, palm oil, coconut oil and others may offer solutions. Granted, there is still a lot of work needed, research to determine exactly how to get the same results, which will lead to an estimated cost of $200,000 per product. In the end, the answer is there – at a price.

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