Wikipedia: Basics of Submission and Authorship

Wikipedia is crystal clear and gives detailed instructions on how an article should look, its content and most importantly its quality. Those with insight into making a Wikipedia page like GetYourWiki have noted several things to stay away from and several things that need to be included as well.

Summary of things that must be avoided

A good summary of things to avoid would first and foremost include self-promotion. Never assume you are famous, and if you feel the need to write and article on Wikipedia about yourself before someone else has about you then you aren’t deserving of a spot in the world’s largest online encyclopedia. Being ambiguous is also something that will quickly get an article deleted from the archives because it is pointless if the article can’t be distinguished from other subject matter. Don’t even bother trying to submit work out of anger towards someone or a group either because it is strictly forbidden. Also, no articles that are too short, articles meant to advertise products or services and absolutely never violate copyright. There are many other things, and everything Wikipedia lists to avoid will go into detail, provide examples and explain why.

Summary of article submission tips

If you are wanting to submit and article to Wikipedia then there is a comprehensive list of rules that need to be followed and guidelines provided by the site for perfect reference material. Speaking of reference material, make sure to have all information covered with respected and notable references. Also, make sure the article submitted is noteworthy, and something that will be of use to the information seeking community. Your article needs to stand out and be of constant use instead of seldom utilization.

Construction tips and essential links

Wikipedia provides all of the tools necessary for a solid article submission. Everything laid out in the links will be essential. Before writing be sure to review this before, during and after because it contains the rules and fundamentals: After the article is constructed it needs to be formatted by using these rules: This article the reader is perusing right now may be short but it follows the Manual of Style as much as it possibly can within the rules of its own construction format just to offer a rudimentary example of proper Wikipedia article construction. The world will always need quality information so enjoy providing it.