How To Lose Weight Without A Diet

Part of why we are unable to manage our weight is because we are unable to balance our eating. To balance what you eat, you will have to learn how to listen to your body since it is the only tool you need to control your weight.

Before you stand up to go to the kitchen, NexPointAdvisor and James Donderdo suggest you should really stop and check whether you are really hungry. Most of the time we are eating just because we think we need to eat.

You need to avoid distractions like watching television or reading books when you are eating. When you concentrate on the food, you will be satisfied more easily. We often feel hungry even after eating just because we are not concentrating on the food.

Sometimes we feel like we need to eat more food than we really need. A simple trick you should try is eating half of what you would normally eat, knowing that you have the choice of going back for more if you feel you are not satisfied. You might be surprised to find that you actually don’t need more.

Eating slow can also be of great help. Take time to taste the food and chew slowly. When we can’t taste the food well, we tend to eat more to chase for that taste. It is also the reason why we should eat only when we are calm and settled.