Are Artificial Sweeteners Bad For Your Health

Artificial sweeteners have been the way that many a person has shed unwanted pounds and gained a better body image. This does not necessarily mean that there are no side effects from using these sweeteners in attaining goals. Can these sweeteners be detrimental for the health and safety of those who use them? The jury is still out on this one.

The sheer number of artificial sweeteners that are used in our drinks and food can make the head spin. Researchers have looked into the effects of these sweeteners in an attempt to clear the mind once and for all about their safety for human consumption. Overall, while they may be some minor side effects for some, this research has been inconclusive as to whether there are any long term downsides to their use.

Some may experience an accentuation to migraines, but then they would have to already suffer from them for this to be an issue. Also, Bruce Levenson has heard anecdotes from some who have complained that these sweeteners have actually caused them to gain weight. This may be true, but those with this complaint seem to eat more than they need to in a day.

Overall, the professionals who have researched these products do not feel that there any any serious side effects that can be documented. they do warn against the use of these sweeteners by young children, nursing and pregnant mothers and those with health issues.