The Brilliant Eric Pulier: Philanthropist at Heart

When you look at Eric Pulier’s list of accomplishments and contributions, it can be overwhelming. It’s not often that you find a person of such high caliber actively giving back to the community. Once most people in the government or business arena make their money, it seems like they disappear. However, Eric Pulier is cut from a different cloth. He doesn’t just continue to innovate year after year, he actually gives a large amount of time, energy, and resources back to the members of our community that need it the most.

Pulier is on the board of the Xprize Foundation, for example. This foundation is an integral part in the new economics of helping developed and underdeveloped nations solve pressing issues facing society today. For example, the literacy rate in Africa is lower than it needs to be. The Xprize Foundation puts up prize money, sometimes as much as $10 million, and awards it to teams who can solve technological problems. Previous issues that have been awarded include space flight and clean water initiatives.

Pulier also volunteers during summers at The Painted Turtle events. These are summer camps that host ill children. It allows them to experience the joys of life without the stress of their usual medical issues. Aside from that, Eric Pulier’s companies have historically focused on creating solutions for medical and education problems facing young people. His first company, Digital Evolution, actually served to eliminate issues with healthcare for children by providing a digital platform. It was so successful, Pulier was invited to the White House to receive an award.

Further projects include helping children with MS disease to communicate with each other through a proprietary platform and working wit Steven Spielberg to create a virtual reality program that educates children on the dangers of diabetes and how it works inside their body. A list of companies that Eric Pulier has founded that are philanthropic and received venture funding include: MediaPlatform, Enterprise Professional, Desktone, and Digital Evolution. When it comes to philanthropy in the new age of digital solutions, Eric Pulier has built a reputation of creating positive change.

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Nine9: Tips to Get You Started in the Modeling/Acting Career

Like many careers, the acting and modeling scene is tough, especially to newcomers. This is true even in regions that are deemed to have the most successful opportunities, like California. However, if you have the talent and this is truly your passion, you can’t give up.With hard work and the right people to hold your hand, you can become whatever you want. According to Anthony Toma, the CEO of UnAgency, the following tips will help you out.

  1. Network

How will people make you a star if they don’t know you? You need to put yourself out there as much as you can. Volunteer or work as an extra. The point is to build strong relationships and put yourself in front to the right people.

  1. Keep Learning

People don’t just wake up and become experts in their jobs. Most successful models and actors are always attending workshops and classes to add that extra skill. Never be tempted to think that you know everything!

  1. Get Head Shots

A newcomer to the acting scene needs head shots. Models on the other hand need a composition card. This is what you present in auditions. Bottomline is, you need professional photos. Get a good night’s sleep, and drink lots of water before going for a photoshoot.

  1. Attend Every Audition

Auditions are a good learning opportunity and a chance to make meaningful connections with your peers in the industry. Try showing up on time and communicate if you can’t make it. Your reputation in the industry depends on it such small gestures.

  1. Every Job is Important

People start from somewhere. All the fancy actors you see today started from ‘small roles’ that acted as a bridge to where they are today.

Ask for Help

It doesn’t hurt to ask for help, does it? Nine9 is a UnAgency that has helps newbies get their foot in the door by providing the right opportunities to showcase their talent. Their mission is clear; they are out to look out for the 99% of the population who do not get opportunities on a silver platter. They avail the necessary tools, support, mentorship and opportunities to get you started.

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The future of technology

Shaygan Kheradpir became the CEO of Juniper Networks in January 2014. Juniper Networks is a corporation based in Sunnyvale California, that develops networking software products. Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir is taking a no holds barred approach to running the firm. He believes in partnerships with a “ free from excuses” team of executives.

Before taking on his role as CEO of Juniper Networks, Kheradpir worked for several firms such as GTE Corporation. GTE merged with Bell Atlantic in the year 2000 to form Verizon. Verizon has gone on to become one of the largest telecommunications provider in the world. Shaygan Kheradpir on newsvine was an executive for Verizon for for eleven years serving as its CIO/CTO. While there, he led the company in developing new products and reduced company costs by thirty percent. Fios TV was one of the enhancements to technology that he led when he was with Verizon.

He moved on from there and became the COO/CTO at Barclays in 2013, a British banking corporation which is headquarter in London. While there, he led the beginning of Pingit, the new mobile service banking platform.

In an interview with ARN, Kheradpir talks about Juniper’s aspirations for the changing world and its technological needs and wants. He also stated that partners are a very important part of the team. They are out there in the field and understand what drives the customers transactions. Kheradpir spoke about the “cloud” and how so many companies with many different platforms are all heading in one direction which is building the cloud. Many customers already have their “cloud” systems in place but many are just in the beginning phases of building theirs. He and his company Juniper, will be there to assist in their endeavors. In five years from now the “cloud” will be the norm, but for now it needs to be nurtured. The nurturing comes in the form of a package for customers that does it all. No more piece mealing of parts. They do not want to purchase security, switches, routers and transports separately, they want it to be all included in a nice neat bundle. Kheradpir refers to Juniper as a “carrier class company.”

Although Mr. Kheradpir was born in London, he grew up in Iran and went to high school in Switzerland. He moved to the U.S. to attend Cornell University where he earned his bachelors, masters and doctorate in electrical engineering. He has held many positions on several corporate boards including the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology from 2010 to 2013. He served on the advisory board of the YMCA of greater New York from 2007 to 2010. He is also a member of the Cornell University Engineering Council.

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Joseph Bismark Discusses How to Stay Mentally And Physically Fit in asPire Magazine

Founding director of the Qi Group, Joseph Bismark, is the feature of asPire Magazine this month according to Reuters news agency. As part of the feature article Bismark talks about his exercise regime, vegetarian diet, apps for wellness, and literature. As you might gather, he focuses a great deal on his healthy lifestyle which is he well known for.

Bismark stated in the article that he is a large advocate of an holistic approach to wellness and takes time every day to participate in yoga, work out, cycle, and even swim. His weekly workouts are deigned to help him maintain his strength and flexibility and he uses rip:60 and kettleballs to stay nimble but strong. For tracking his time cycling her prefers to use MapMyRide since he can see his full training log and how far he went along with his average pace, speed, and how many calories are burned.

For a normal person, this much exercise might seem like a full day, but Joseph Bismark is not your normal businessman. He does all of this in addition to serving in his role as the Director of the QI Group because he believes that only a healthy well rounded person can be successful. To him, being personally well is just as important as being professionally sound. He works hard to model this behavior and encourages his employees to do the same. To this end he has set up plenty of opportunities and programs for his own employees because he thinks that when a person is healthy they are able to reach their fullest potential, and every person has the potential for greatness.

They are not words you hear from the average business leader, but once again, Bismark is anything but. He actually spent a few years in a monastery as a youth before emerging and deciding to enter the business world. This is perhaps where his focus on mindfulness has come from, but it seems to be one that is serving him quite well.

According to the article, he also teaches and lives the life of a yoga master as an instructor at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. In addition, he uses SoundCloud to download chants and mantras that he can use during yoga to help improve his meditation. It doesn’t stop there however a she works out his brain via the Luminosity app for at least 15 minutes per day.


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