Saying Goodbye To Dropped Inmate Calls With Securus

Inmate calling has just got easier with Securus Technologies. They provide inmate call regulations, but has been named one of the fastest growing inmate networks in the industry. Rest assured that billions of calls are processed through their secured network annually. They work alongside the Public Utility Commission to regulate inmate calling networks. They have to maintain government regulations that require monitoring, surveillance, and quality control. You’ll get every minute that is guaranteed under your contract and other features that will help you save money. Securus Technologies also values your time and wants customers to do more talking and less commuting.

Quality Certification 1 has allowed to Securus expand their network and provide inmate calls globally. You get to join the name that is trusted by thousands of families and inmates worldwide. They will allow customers to save time with technological features that have been crafted for their specific inmate calling needs. Securus and their eleven subsidiary companies have provided jobs for over 456,600+ IT professionals. They will be well trained in customer service, quality control, monitoring and more. Securus believes that building a strong team will better serve their customers. Join a reliable network that has your expressed interests as their number one priority.

Securus Technology Features

Inmate Features

There are many inmate features that available to them from inside that facility that include voicemail, video chat, and prepaid calling credits. Securus works hard to ensure that inmates have features that will help them when they transition out of the facility.

Advanced Pay Options

You never have to leave home trying to locate an authorized agent because you can pay for many Securus Technology features from the convenience of their website. Join today and participate in several promotional offers with Securus.

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I Think Securus Is What We Needed All Along

Spiritual guidance is one of the most important things I think for prisoners, but I know that all of them are not going to run out and get a bible from the prison library on their first day. We are a spiritual center that tries to talk to prisoners about harnessing their energy for good things no matter what religion it is, and that is why I was glad that we found Securus. There are a lot of things that we have to talk to prisoners about, and it is a lot easier when we are looking at them in the face on a video monitor.

I actually set up big monitors in the office that are going to help us see them in a large scale, and we talk to them about how to use their personal energy for goods uses. I have talked to people about being spiritual while getting a college degree, and I have talked to people about harnessing their anger to help people instead of fighting. I know that people are using Securus because the calls are private, but I love is the fact that they are a video system. I get to talk to someone face to face about a way that they are going to really change their life.

I have talked to guys who have gotten out early for good behavior, and I have talked to guys who have been able to get educated, get ordained as ministers and even start charities the day they get out of jail.

Our spiritual guidance relies so much on Securus, but I love the way it works. They are helping us see our students in the flesh. They are showing us how to get the best results for every person by looking at them instead of struggling to hear on the phone.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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