Clay Siegall Is in Charge of Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall has made a name for himself in the biotech industry where he has constantly shown that he has the skills to take a struggling company and turn it into a success. He was integral to the creation of Seattle Genetics. He is the current chief executive officer of that company. Seattle Genetics develops various therapies for cancer patients. Mirna Therapeutics is a company that has Clay serving on their board of directors. He has been working in this capacity since 2013. The is a biotech company that has been extremely profitable since Clay came on board. They are currently based in Austin, Texas. The main focus of the business they are in is cancer research. This is one of the areas that Clay Siegal is considered to be an expert in. This is why the company went out of their way to make Clay a job offer that he could not refuse.

Seattle Genetics Co-Founder Appointed to Board of Directors for Mirna Therapeutics Inc.

Siegall was always one of the most gifted students in the various classes he would enroll in as a child. There were many colleges that offered him full academic scholarships. However, he did not want to rush his decision regarding which college he would choose to attend. Siegall was drawn to the field of zoology. He was not certain about the type of job that he would pursue after he graduated. However, he knew that a zoology degree would give him many different occupational choices. The University of Maryland was where he finally decided to get his education. He decided to continue his education after he received his bachelor’s degree. He enrolled in the George Washington University PhD program in the field of genetics.

Siegall has a very impressive job history. He has worked for some of the most respected companies in the United States. He has been employed by the National Institute of Health, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the National Cancer Institute. These credentials have made him a person who is always in very high demand. He founded Seattle Genetics in 1998 because he was tired of working for other people and having to get his decisions approved by a committee. Clay Siegall holds 16 patents.