Sean Penn Tries His Hand at Writing with Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Many actors have turned around and become novel writers. Some of them successful, some of them hitherto unknown. Sean Penn is certainly known, but that has to do primarily with his presence around a camera. Many may know him for his work as a correspondent but if we are being honest, he will always be Jeff Spicoli for most of America. A noted philanthropist, and a political activist Penn holds nothing back. This is certainly true of his new novel “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”.


Bob Honey follows the exploits of a disgruntled septic tank salesman who becomes a geriatric assassin. He takes a mallet to the elderly in an attempt to quell the population and make the world better. The book is labeled as a satire, and so far has proven itself to be bit of crazy wrapped in a ribbon of insanity. Penn who became disgruntled with the film industry over the last few years, has turned to the literary world to express himself fully. Through Bob Honey we get the complete Penn, no other creative minds collaborating, nothing but Penn.

Owning to the satire label the book pokes fun at social conventions, politics, and the #MeToo movement. The Trump administration is targeted, with a Trump-like character called the Landlord running America. #MeToo is called a bully and compared to kids fighting at a playground, and the idea of labeling oneself is given focus. Many critics pan the book saying that it explodes everywhere, some also taek issue with his treatment of #MeToo. Penn says the book is open to the reader’s interpretation. He is currently touring around with the book and seems to be having fun.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is slated to be the first of a series of books, as Penn has stated that he has other ideas cooking. What his follow up novel may be is anyone’s guess, many critics have already suggested he return to acting. Penn has no plans to do so, stating that for the first time he feels free. The constant need for collaboration behind the camera is mostly responsible with his disenchantment. Although he is not completely turned off by the idea of acting again, it would have be something he really likes. For now he will settle for being Sean Penn, novelist, and leave the rest of the hats on the rack.


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