Kraft Mac n Cheese Being Recalled

A story on today has confirmed that Kraft Foods announced a recall of their Macaroni & Cheese products. Nearly 242,000 cases of the boxed food are being recalled because it could possibly contain tiny bits of metal inside the food. Those 242,000 cases amount to about 6.5 million boxes of the Mac & Cheese. Yikes, that’s a lot of product!

Unfortunately, some of the metal pieces made it into people’s homes, and meals before the recall was announced. Eight people had contacted the company to say that their cheesy snack was marred by the pieces of metal inside. Ray Lane said that the spokesperson for Kraft said that they are taking the claims of metal in the product seriously. They said that Kraft is taking the necessary action to make sure their product is safe.

The recall is for the original flavor 7.25 ounce box that has an expiration date of September 18th, 2015-October 11th, 2015. If you purchase this product, check your box! Ingesting pieces of metal can do serious harm to your body. These tainted boxes were sold in the US, South America, and the Caribbean. Refunds will be available to anyone who returns the boxes that match the recall criteria.