17-year Old Entrepreneur And Executive Sawyer Howitt

17-year old Sawyer Howitt is already an accomplished business consultant. He’s a project manager at Oregon-based The Meriwether Group. As a member of the project management team, Sawyer is an liaise between executive management and team, making sure to manage relationships and track progress. He already is recognized for his keen business acumen, and deep insight into the business world. His other involvements include presentations and supporting the executive team in high pressure environments.

The Meriwether Group was founded in 2004 by David Howitt, Sawyer’s father. The company assists entrepreneurs tap into their creative genius. They help small and mid-sized businesses with funding, strategic planning, business and marketing coaching, campaigns, shape visions, and improving the health of the business. David Howitt is an accomplished consultant and mentor. He and his wife, Heather Howitt, formally ran Oregon Chai, a $15 million dollar beverage company, that they sold in 2004 to the Kerry Group. Prior to launching Oregon Chai, David served as corporate counsel, then Vice President of Licensing and Business Development for Adidas.

Throughout his career at The Meriwether Group, David Howitt has successfully developed strategies and people. He helps entrepreneurs refocus and develop into a success. Under his leadership, Sawyer Howitt is already being recognized by industry experts for his creative services. Sawyer Howitt is working on furthering the RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technology. This technology is used in retail stores to track products. His ideas will help broaden and improve the customer experience, not to mention, automate the point-of-sales so consumers can select and bag items, and their bank cards will automatically be deducted as they exit stores. This will also help retailers lower their overhead, in which the savings can be passed onto shoppers.

Since working at The Meriwether Group, Sawyer Howitt has already defined his skills in the merchandising and business development, leading to key accomplishments, with lots more to come.

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