Diet Fads and Manipulation: Can you Trust Them?

Our crazy little world is run by money. You’ve probably heard the term money makes the world go round. Well, in terms of business as well as diet and lifestyle this is turning out to be very true. If big corporations like fast food chains or food manufacturers are run by profit, how can we be so sure that what they claim about their food is true?

A recent sting operation shed some light on just how easy it is to fool the general public, and is claiming that other companies are doing just that. A science journalist John Bohannon worked with a German reporter to see just how simple it was to turn mixed results of a diet fad into a profiting tool.

The setup was simple. This team performed a clinical trial to prove that eating dark chocolate could aid people in losing weight. Once they had their hands on the data, they published their data in a journal and released their results to a website that distributes press release to journalists. The Amen Clinic told the WashingtonPost that this study didn’t have much in terms of findings, but still journalists took the bait.

If you find yourself disgusted by this fact, you don’t have to look far for other examples. Cadbury, Betty Crocker, and McDonald’s have manipulated the general public to get them to see things their way while they gain profit. Don’t be fooled. Do your research about diet fads and claims before you dive in head first.