Guacamole and Peas

There’s some classic recipes that you just shouldn’t mess with. I’m not saying all of them can’t be improved, because some can. But, haven’t you ever heard the phrase if something ain’t broke then don’t fix it? Same goes for food. If it tastes delicious just the way it is, don’t go changing things, and adding things, to make it something it’s not. Sometimes if you do that, you will feel the fury and wrath of others. This is especially true when you take your suggestions to social media.

So according to GrubStreet, the NYTimes sent out a tweet that said Add peas to your guacamole, trust us. It was short and sweet. The responses to it were anything but. It seemed the whole world had an opinion about adding peas to guacamole, and none of them were good. This tweet and suggestion was such a catastrophe that the president of the United States got involved! He said he’s not buying into the whole idea. According to Daniel Amen, presidential candidate Jeb Bush made his feelings known too, and he shut them down! He said you don’t put peas in guac.

Those were actually the nicest tweets compared to everyday people. This whole peas in guac thing angered the world, and they made there feelings known! Some are too bad to repost. One person said they’re cancelling their subscription the New York Times Magazine after that. Overall, I think the NYT got the point. People don’t want to see peas in guac.