Pizza Hut Saves Hostage

Some quick thinking got a woman out of a hostage situation down in Florida.

Cheryl Treadway of Highlands County in Florida was held hostage by (ex?) boyfriend Ethan Nickerson on Monday along with her three children. The reports say that while Nickerson initially took away her cell phone, he eventually gave it back to allow Treadway to order dinner from a Pizza Hut phone app.

Treadway did some quick thinking and in the comments of the order, added a plea asking for 911 to be called, and that she was being held hostage. Thankfully, Pizza Hut employees took the message seriously and alerted the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office to investigate.

It was Lieutenant Curtis Ludden who was able to get Nickerson to stand down. reports that Treadway and her children were escorted to safety without incident. Sources say that Nickerson may have been high on meth. During the hours that he held Treadway hostage, he was brandishing a large knife and threatened Treadway with it.

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