40 Years of Bad Dietary Advice Lead to Diabetes Epidemic

Out with the fat, in with the sugar. Many years and tons of sugar later, our society is in a diabetic coma. The official dietary guidelines as we know them today started in the mid-70s and were issued by the McGovern Commission which was founded and led by then-senator George McGovern. The commission had its heart in the right place and senator McGovern wanted Americans to eat healthy so they could live long and healthy lives. However, even though the heart was in the right place the information was lacking.
The McGovern Commission recommended that fat be limited in the daily diet, with only 30 percent of the daily caloric intake coming from fat. Dr. Robert Olson, an expert on nutrition at that time asked for more time to study the low-fat recommendation proposed by the McGovern Commission. Senator McGovern publicly denied Dr. Olson’s request for more time and pushed his dietary recommendations through to the public.
Look where those recommendations have led us over the past 40 years. When the fat was taken out of the food, sugar was added. In an attempt to help prevent heart disease by reducing fat, diabetes was increased exponentially because the fat was replaced with sugar. One concern that members of Boraie Development voiced on their facbeook page is that our liver can only process so much sugar at a time and the leftover becomes body fat. Excess body fat and an over-worked liver set the stage for diabetes, the epidemic that started 40 years ago and hasn’t stopped since.