Bernardo Chua: Organo Gold Origin and Mission

In 2008, Bernardo Chua has founded Organo Gold with a mission. That mission is to bring to the world the awareness of a certain herb that has plenty of health benefits that will strengthen the body upon regular consumption. This herb is known as Ganoderma. Bernardo Chua uses a system for network distribution that is cost effective and guarantees delivery of Ganoderma products around the world. Bernardo Chua also shares every dollar with the world-wide family of Organo Gold which is currently growing and expanding.

According to ZoomInfo, Organo gold has opened it stores in 13 countries so far. Among these countries are Canada, USA, Greece, Scotland, UK, Mexico, Jamaica, Austria, Peru, Netherlands and Dominican Republic. Of course there will be more added to the list of countries as Organo Gold is partnered with the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Since its foundation, the revenue that the company has generated has grown substantially reach year.

Source: Facebook

Among the products that Organo Gold is selling are toothpaste, coffee, vitamins and soap. Bernardo Chua has crafted a potentially revolutionary product that combines coffee with the Ganoderma herb. This brings a powerful alternative to coffee which tastes good and improves the well being of those who consume it.

As more people discover the benefits of Organo Gold‘s products, they will become healthier. It is also a rather compelling type of product due to the fact that many people are struggling with their health and are looking for ways to become healthier and stronger. As Organo Gold’s products expand to more territories, more people discover the healthy ingredients that come with the product. There will also be an expanding product line as more types of products are offered from Organo Gold. As long as the herb Ganoderma is being sold in some form to the markets, Bernardo Chua will feel a deep sense of satisfaction about his business.

OrGano Gold Coffee CEO and Founder, Bernardo Chua, shares some wisdom at the OrGano Gold Convention. Source: Youtube.