Non-GMO Snacks to Be Offered in Hollywood Florida Vending Machines

Over the past several years, a grassroots campaign has taken hold against the proliferation of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in the food supply that humans consume. According to the media outlet, The Inquisitr, since 2102, Monsanto has stepped up its efforts in creating additional GMO agricultural applications, such as with apples, oranges, berries and bananas, much to the dismay of scientists, activists, and those concerned about their own well-being. Fersen Lambranho believes this appears contrary to the mountains of scientific evidence that demonstrates that GMO’s are hazardous to humans.

With battle lines seeming being drawn, each side of the GMO controversy has their guns loaded with respected names, offering financial and scientific backing. While Monsanto has other agricultural concerns in their corner, the non-GMO coalition has noted TV personality and respected medical practitioner R. Mehmet Oz, on their side to lead the crusade.

Pushing the agenda for non-GMO foods in the State of Florida, is Hollywood, Florida Mayor, Peter Bober. Bober has successfully lobbied for legislation, mandating that all vending machines that are positioned in city-owned facilities, have to offer nutritionally sound, healthy snack, and beverage choices. The mandate requires that 30% of snack and beverage offerings comply with guidelines established by the American Heart Association and another 20% being in compliance with another health-related standard, such as being confirmed as being non-GMO.