A Look At NGP VAN’s Recent Progressive Endeavors

NGP VAN is a Washington D.C. based software company that provides tools for organizing and fundraising different campaigns. NGP VAN has assisted on different democratic campaigns, including the presidential campaigns for Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Bernie Sanders. NGP VAN also assists with organizing, fundraising, and networking for local government, nonprofits, and other types of organizations.

NGP VAN Reaches Out To The LGBTQ Community

NGP VAN has always been at the forefront of progressive campaigns. NGP VAN understands the importance of the LGBTQ community. NGP VAN has begun to integrate inclusive properties into their software to help it become more appealing to the LGBTQ community. NGP VAN has begun implementing the use of non-binary gender pronouns in voters’ contact records. Thanks to the new software, NGP VAN donors and volunteers are more accurately represented.

The LGBTQ community is a point of emphasis for Democrats because there are millions of LGBTQ voters who vote for Democrats across the United States. The majority of voters reside in urban areas. Those voters make up an important demographic for the Democrats. The change in software by NGP VAN is a sign that the company wants to showcase a more inclusive view of gender.

Day Without A Woman


NGP VAN recently announced that they are offering paid parental leave to mothers and fathers. The company held a company wide day without the presence of women. The event was a symbol of the global movement created by the DC Women’s March. The Day Without Women’s Event helped express the importance of women at NGP VAN. Women play a crucial role in the company, as they are designers, engineers, developers, accountants, marketers, and many more titles.


On their off day, NGP VAN’s female employees did volunteer work for local DC Charities including Suited for Change, The Sojourner Center, Cavalry Women’s Services, and Project Flow DC. Suited for Change provides business attire to women in the area. The Sojourner Center helps support domestic abuse victims. Cavalry Women’s Services gives support to homeless women in DC. Project Flow DC strives to help people who are not in a stable housing environment. NGP VAN will continue to look for ways to be progressive.

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