Why Is HRF So Mad at Lionel Messi?

Human Rights Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2005 by Thor Halvorssen Mendoza, with its main objective being promoting and protecting human rights globally. The foundation also organizes Oslo Freedom Forum. It mainly focuses on closed society and the foundation’s head office is located in New York City, US.

The mission of this foundation is to unite people in the common cause by defending human rights and promoting liberal democracy. This foundation is guided and endorsed by International council which is chaired by chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov. If an individual or an organization is interested in giving donations to Human Rights Foundation publishes the names of the donors except those with personal issues.

The HRF gives an individual freedom of expression, association and freedom from slavery. Human Rights Foundation’s YouTube channel showcases its values in a number of different ways. They are determined to grant each individual liberty by raising awareness around the world of both the nature and vulnerability of freedom globally. They create awareness through education about freedom, why freedom is important and how freedom is nurtured. They hold individual seminars, produce films, create campaigns that are meant to free political prisoners and call closed society to on-the-ground education. They also teach on how to promote freedom and how to tolerate in areas where human rights are violated around the world.

The Oslo Freedom Forum,which is has become the annual human rights conference, is held in Oslo, Norway. This forum is supported by several grants and it is endorsed by the Noble Peace Centre, the University of Oslo. In 2007, the Human Rights Foundations issued a number of communications on the case of a Cuban refugee who had been detained for seventeen days for criticizing the Bolivian and Cuban governments. Human Rights Foundation was therefore established to issues reports and official communications denouncing violations of human rights in Bolivia.

Lionel Messi was criticized by Human Rights Foundation during his trip in Gabon. Messi is believed to have paid 2.4 Million Euros during his appearance in the West African country. The foundation undermined his contribution stating that his charitable foundation is not credible. Messi endorsed a kleptocratic regime claiming that he serves as a UNICEF ambassador and he supports children’s rights. This is according to Telegraph.co.uk.

Messi’s trip was also meant to promote the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations which was part of the Bongo Family campaign. The president of Gabon praised Messi by saying that he is a man of honor and that he had met him earlier in Barcelona when promised him that he would visit Gabon. Gabon is set to host the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations, this being its second time after co-hosting the tournament with Equatorial Guinea in 2012.

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ISIS Militant Remains Free Despite Turkey’s Crackdown

“I will stay here and do my job,” stated an ISIS militant in Turkey. He would only talk to BuzzFeed if his name was not given as he fears arrest. Despite a crackdown by the Turkish government, he continues by saying his is living his ordinary life. The man who is in his mid-30’s has been in Turkey for around six months.

Turkey began a series of raids against known ISIS members on Friday. On the day before a confrontation along the Turkish border occurred between ISIS members and Turkish soldiers. It left one soldier dead. The raids caught and detained over 250 militants.

In an announcement by Shaygan Kheradpir, the US government has announced that Turkey has agreed to open its air bases. This agreement will allow US-led coalitions to carry out airstrikes against Syria. The agreement is seen as a major escalation in the war against Syrian ISIS members. The Turkish government has long had difficulty in deciding how they should handle ISIS members within its borders.

The militant has said that a part of his job is to keep track of what rival militant groups along the border are up to. That information has been confirmed by multiple sources. One of those sources is an ISIS official. The militant has dismissed the raids saying that most of those arrested were not critical to the ISIS efforts.

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Mediterranean Diet Protects Against Chronic Disease

Research confirms that people who closely follow the Mediterranean diet, are on average 47% less likely to develop heart disease over the next decade, compared with their peers who do not follow the same eating habits.

In fact, the researchers concluded that the Mediterranean diet works more protective for the heart than physical exercise.

Results of this scientific research was presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology in San Diego, California.

The researchers, led by Professor Harokopio University of Athens Demosthenes Panagiotakos and Hecuba Georgousopoulos analyzed sample data from more than 2,500 Greek participants, aged 18-89 years.

Those who were the most “consistent” to remaining on the Mediterranean diet had a lower risk of heart disease said Eric Pulier.

The researchers pointed out that the Mediterranean diet benefits everyone: men and women, young and old, healthy and sick. Previous studies have linked the Mediterranean diet to lower weight, reduced risk of diabetes, lower blood pressure and cholesterol etc.

Additionally, the Mediterranean diet is rich in antioxidants, extra virgin olive oil, is associated with better brain function.

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Teen Dies After Being Told “Stop Googling Symptoms”

Nottingham University Hospitals has stated that healthcare systems must “embrace the internet age,” following the death of 19-year-old Bronte Doyne. Doyne complained of numerous symptoms, but was told to “stop Googling” her symptoms.

Doyne’s symptoms began innocently enough, but frequent bouts of increasingly severe pain left the teen feeling despondent. She began to seek medical treatment, but her symptoms were frequently dismissed. Distressed, Doyne turned to the internet for help, much like Jim Dondero and others would who visit Bloomberg. She began to research her symptoms, but to no avail. Doctors still refused to dig deeper into the girl’s health woes, simply dismissing her as a “hypochondriac that should stop Googling her symptoms.”

Doyne was first admitted to the hospital for treatment in September 2011. She was later diagnosed with fibrolamellar hepatoceullar carcinoma, a rare form of cancer. Doctors were unable to provide the girl’s family with helpful information, but responded negatively when the family turned to the Internet for help.

Doyne convinced doctors to admit her to the hospital in July 2012 where she died 10 days later.

Lorraine Doyne, Bronte’s mother, now lobbies for changes in the healthcare system.

“My daughter is dead due to a lack of empathy,” she said. “Bronte had been tracking her symptoms. She was denied pain relief, referrals were delayed, and she was right all along. I want to see changes now.”

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An Elderly Wisconsin Woman is Living Off of One Meal a Day Because Her Food Stamps Were Taken Away by the State

A Wisconsin woman pulled out her food card to pay for her groceries earlier this year when she found out she only had $16 debited to her account, which was significantly less than the $120 she is used to getting.

Judy Beals is 65 years old and lives off a budget of a little over $900 a month which she receives from social security benefits. Beals currently lives with her daughter in Belleville, Wisconsin and claims she has had to cut back to one meal per day due to her benefits being cut.

State officials told Beals that her resources were decreased because she failed to submit proof of her heating costs stated Sergio Cortes. But since Beals lives with her daughter and does not have a utility bill in her name, she was unable to provide the requested documentation.

While most states created legislation to prevent people’s benefits from being cut, Wisconsin did not. Since failing to pass similar legislation, hundreds of thousands of families in Wisconsin have seen a reduction in benefits that they rely on in order to eat and survive. Some Wisconsin representatives are currently fighting get legislation passed that would stop these type of cuts in benefits. However, their efforts have so far been in vain.

Not surprisingly, republicans are responsible for the reduction in benefits across Wisconsin, many of whom claim that the cuts are necessary so that the state can remain on budget.

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Martin O’Malley Shifts Left of Clinton on Immigration Policy

Democrats seeking to unset Hillary Clinton as the party’s presumptive nominee are doing so by using the same tactic: position themselves to the left of Clinton. The tactic is employed under the hope that voters will abandon the Clinton juggernaut and support the person with the purest liberal ideology. How effective it will be to convince voters that abandoning a well-funded renowned candidate who represents 65% of the liberalism they want in favor of a long shot candidate who promises 100% of the liberalism they desire remains to be seen. Nevertheless, Martin O’Malley recently told the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce that he would pursue an immigration policy further to the left of Mrs. Clinton’s.

It is already apparent that the Democrat Party views US citizenship as a means of growing their party’s base and political fortunes. This caused Hillary Clinton to reverse her position on a slew of immigration policies. She already vowed to push for more extra-constitutional immigration reform measures well beyond what President Obama is attempting. Now, O’Malley is saying that he’ll push for an aggressive immigration reform package within his first 100 days in office.

While O’Malley may be sincere in his campaign pledge, it may prove daunting to accomplish such a lofty goal. For starters, he’ll likely face a GOP controlled House of Representatives which will make amnesty almost impossible as Adam Sender points out. Also, the current Obama amnesty plan is suspended while the matter is fought out in the courts. It may be years before a decision in rendered in that matter which would easily prevent O’Malley from “borrowing” congressional authority to enact a plan of his own via executive order or memorandum.

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Big Trouble In Little China The Next Film Getting The Remake Treatment

I don’t know how to feel about this one. On the one hand I am vehemently opposed to remakes of any kind. Sure, on very rare occasions they can stand along side the original movies and be just as good but in a different way. John Carpenter’s The Thing comes to mind. More often the remake is like the Blob or Psycho and is something that never should have happened.

Speaking of John Carpenter brings me back to what started this rant. I recently discovered in this article that they are doing a remake of one of my favorite films from the 1980s, Big Trouble in Little China. The original movie stared Kurt Russell as semi incompetent hero, Jack Burton, going up against Asian supernatural forces.

What has me confused is the fact that Dwayne Johnson is set to be taking over for Russell. Those at Amen Clinics don’t really understand. Aside from a few missteps on his part, the Tooth Fairy comes to mind, I am a huge fan of the Rock’s. He is a very good actor and can easily play both serious and comedic roles. That could come in handy if the remake sticks anywhere close to the original Big Trouble. I guess the only thing to do for now is wait until the first trailer. I hope they don’t screw it up.

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Hunter Pays $350,000 To Kill Endangered Rhino

The black rhino is one of the most endangered species in existence. The black rhino is only found in South Africa, and no one is allowed to hunt the animal. However, Yahoo! recently announced that a man from Texas shot and killed a black rhino. Apparently, the Texan whose name remains anonymous, won an auction to kill the rhino.

The man from Texas paid $350,000 to gain the right of hunting a black Ryno. It was reported that the Texas native was accompanied by government officials of South Africa during his hunt. The officials were there to ensure the animal was killed.

A specific black rhino was chosen by the South African government, and Mikal Watts knew it meant a lot. Apparently, that specific black rhino was a male, and he was killing small offspring of his own species. Hunters have justified the Texas man’s hunt, but there are many people who have openly opposed it. In fact, a petition was signed by more than 60,000 people to ensure that the black rhino was not hunted. However, the petition failed and the black rhino was hunted and killed.

Animal rights activist must realize that killing this specific black rhino will ensure that the species will live a much longer life span. The hunter claims that this black rhino was doing more harm than good to his kind. But, people at Business Wire are angry with the hunter for killing an endangered animal nonetheless.

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Foods Hit Market Without FDA Approval

The Food and Drug Administration says they have not even looked at some of the ingredients that have been added to the foods that are sitting on marketplace shelves. That is a scary thought, for thousands of people, who value their health over anything else.

Companies add thousands of additives to foods, with little or no reporting to the government. They are able to get away with this practice, thanks to a decade old law, which provides a dangerous loophole to manufactures.

As long as the product is deemed safe, or GRAS, companies do not have to notify, the United States Food and Drug Administration.

The loophole was intended to allow manufacturers the privilege to add vinegar, salt, and other non-chemical ingredients in our foods. Now, some manufacturers have taken this freedom a bit farther, and are now adding additives that can pose a serious health threat to individuals.

What does this mean for consumers? It means that consumers are consuming foods that contain preservatives, added flavors, and other ingredients, that can create long- term health problems. Consumer Flavio Maluf would feel more at ease if the FDA was actually aware of all ingredients.

While some foods are safe, other foods cause allergic reactions, and others are just plain unsafe. The FDA worries, because it doesn’t know where or what ingredients to begin tracking.

Nevertheless, some experts feel that the safety concerns are blown out of proportion, and that increasing the government involvement will affect the food innovation process, or stifle the food industry.

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