Surf Air Recommends Cool and Favorite Places in Dallas for This Summer

Surf Air is continuously evaluating the best places for you where you can enjoy yourself, with your friends, and with your family. There is no better time to enjoy yourself other than in the warm weather. You might be wondering where in Dallas, Texas, where you can spend some time enjoying some lovely food, wine, and enjoy yourself around large and clean swimming pools. We have researched some wonderful places just for you.

This one of the bars in the region that is based on the rooftop of the building. You will be able to enjoy various a good view of the Dallas city while at the same time absorbing light rays from the setting sun. There is no better restaurant to view the city skyline. This bar is located at the NYLO hotel where you have an opportunity to solve your appetite problems. Some of the foods available at the restaurant include bourbon concoctions, hot dogs, and salads among others.

Cedars Social
If you are hard of cocktail guru Leann Berry, this is the place where you meet him and some of his magic. You will get to drink some of the best fruit juices in the industry and other fresh drinks that are not often found. The location is modern, and you will enjoy some great interior decorations some of which are modern, and others are based on the mid-century drawings. Surf Air recommends this social arena for tequilas and exotic mescals among others.

Midnight Rambler
This is a bar located inside one of the famous hotels in Dallas, The Joule Hotel. Surf Air recommends this location due to the night rock and soul that will make you relax from a long day’s work in hot weather which is likely to take much of your energy. The subterranean mixology bar gives you an opportunity to enjoy some drinks in a classic but trendy environment. Some of the essential dishes and beverages you can enjoy include bar bites and craft cocktails among others.

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