Importance of Honesty with Todd Lubar

Just like many family men, Todd Lubar has been inspired by his family to become the person he is today. Todd Lubar and his family live in Maryland at a town called Bethesda. He has two children and a beautiful wife. Some of his hobbies include traveling and spending time with his kids. He also loves the Orange County found in California. Todd Lubar says that his greatest goal in life is to become a better person than he is today. For this reason, he has always strived to make a difference wherever he can and also in helping the less fortunate people.


Todd has been in the real estate industry for over two decades now. He began his career in the year 1995, and since then, he developed a passion for the real estate industry and the finance industry. He kick-started his career at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. During his time at this company, this great businessman learned about the model of conservative mortgage banking. This served as his breakthrough as he would apply the model later on. He learned how to relate to various people in the real estate industry such as real agents, financial planners as well as CPAs and insurance agents. These people acted as a source of new clients through the referral program that he initiated.


Todd Lubar did not waste time at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He proceeded to the Legacy Financial Group where he took the equity position. With this position, he was able to expand the lending capabilities which were very important to him. Through this position, Todd was able to make loan deals to outside investors. This position also allowed him to do transactions as a direct mortgage bank. Several years later, Todd shifted to the real estate business with a company called the Legendary Properties. With this company, he was in a better position to buy, rehabilitate and sell homes. He was involved in over 200 transactions and in the process developed good relationships with clients. He has built a reputation of offering the best products in the market in a timely manner.