Brown Agency Merges with Heyman Talent-South to Help More Talent

The Brown Agency is a model and talent agency that offers full-service to those in the Austin, Texas area. They came to Austin back in 2010 while they were still formerly known as Wilhelmina Austin. In the Summer of 2015 they became known as the Brown Agency. While working as Wilhelmina Austin, and also now currently, they utilized a world famous network known as Wilhelmina Models network. Once they became known as the Brown Agency, they grew quickly to become a leader in the industry. The Brown Agency is the only agency that is full-service within the Austin area. They are also one of the few full-service agencies in all of Texas. Since launching in Austin, Brown Agency has quickly become one of Central Texas’ most respected modeling and talent agencies.

While working towards becoming an industry leader, the Brown Agency had a goal of establishing market standards that were larger than other agencies. They also were striving for expectations that Central Texas had never seen before. Since Brown Agency opened, models from Texas have started working for some of the largest companies around the world including Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Dell, L’oreal and many others. Many of their models have had the opportunity to walk the runway in some of the top fashion shows such as New York Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and even more.

Brown Agency prides them in only going with the best of the best. The agency President, Justin Brown, often compliments their models by stating that they are only able to be as good as their talent. Brown Agency works hard to develop their models and their talent on a market level that is larger than most. They also are constantly striving to deliver talent that is the most beautiful, professional, dependable and of course talented that Central Texas can offer.

Brown Agency has models and talent in many different areas. These areas include film and commercials, television, voice over, industrial videos, catalog and print, fashion, conventions, runway, promotional as well as corporate events and also trade shows. Brown Agency is able to provide their clients with a portfolio that tends to have a broader range of experienced talent as well as providing their clients with more and greater opportunities all around the world.

Brown Agency recently merged with Heyman Talent-South. The President, Justin Brown, views this move as an important part in their growth as well as an important part in their commitment to serving all of their clients. Since merging, they are able to continue providing some of the most professional, elegant and dependable talent but they are now able to do this on a larger scale.

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