How NGP VAN Helps Democrats In Campaigning

Since the 1950s, political organizations processes have transformed from being labor intensive to technology incentives. It is like not before where the big data is being used to connect the campaigns to the voters supporting certain candidates. The model has been able to allow the Democrats to become able to identify their potential voters and then be able to turn them largely during the election day. The example that is famous is an election and later re-election of former United State president Obama. The massive campaigns national were powered by a technology called NGP VAN.


The program helps the Democrats to be able to utilize available web together with mobile tools so that to run a successful campaign. The company is located in Washington DC and it is a web hosting and voter database company which is currently used by democratic party as well as other many labor unions and progressive organizations. NGP VAN is a technology leader that has benefit by powering driven data and also campaign strategies focusing on technology.

Technology is always dynamic and its important thing for the campaigns towards the ballot to take the issue into consideration especially if there is a reelection. New technologies will keep coming and the campaigns are forced to take their time and then spend their resources on technology so that they can keep on trend. If there will be ignorance of web and digital platforms and especially the smartphone-based applications that will enable voter mobilization will definitely lead to loss of campaign during this day.


It was in 2012 when Obama campaign was able to launch a mobile app that was powered by NGP VAN and call it poll watcher. It was developed after a significant time in the field, developing, and then testing the mobile software. Democratic party had been investing high capital so that they can produce knowledge, practices, skills, and technologies for success.


NGP VAN is a prove to be the game changer for Democrats so that they can be able to create the change. Campaigns are known for recognizing the program for its best company culture. It empowers Democrats during the tough times and power of web tools is harnessed and provide best analytic.