From Grass to Grace, the Life, and Career of Nick Vertucci

The now thriving business mogul Nick Vertucci was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Vertucci was born into a family struggling to make ends meet. At the age of ten, his father who was the sole breadwinner of their family passed away making life harder. This loss only made him more hardworking and persistent towards his goals. His lifelong dream was to achieve financial freedom.

Vertucci’s career journey

At the age of eighteen, Nick launched his own business where he sold computer accessories. He experienced a few years of success in the market until the 2000 crush of the dot-com era. In 2004, Nick got invited to a three-day long real estate training program that would then change his life completely.

After completing the program and extensive research, Nick Vertucci decided to venture into the industry with close to no finances. He started out as an investor. Nick would purchase one property at a time, foresee its foreclosure, rehabbing, rental process and management. Over time, he became profitable and made enough money to venture even further into the business.


Nick Vertucci began investing in single-family rentals. Eventually, he turned from renting the houses out and managing them to selling them to the public and fellow investors. He launched a radio show by the name ‘the real estate hour’ which he used as his marketing platform for the properties.

After a decade in the business, Vertucci came to the realization that he had attained his dream of financial freedom which seemed unrealistic barely ten years prior. He decided to share the knowledge that had helped him flourish in the business. At the beginning of 2014, he launched the Nick Real Estate Academy (NVREA).


The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is an education center that teaches on real estate affairs and trains future investors while at the same time offering advisory service to strategists, investors, entrepreneurs and real estate businesspeople. The academy launched in California where its headquarters are but has since grown to have subsidiaries all over the United States. Nick is the current Chief Executive Officer of the Academy.

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