A Look at How Talkspace is Revolutionizing the Provision of Therapy Services

Talkspace is an app that users can utilize at any time and place in a bid to talk to their therapist. Through Talkspace’s Meet Our Therapist series, users are presented with special access to the professionals behind their mental health care. Alicia Winkle is one of the licensed therapists who has been featured in the segment. Experiencing anxiety issues to the point of dropping out of school for a semester led her to specialize in psychology. Alicia joined Talkspace out of the need to offer services to users struggling to get out of bed due to severe mental illnesses.

Ashley Laderer, a Talkspace contributor, recently looked at the stigma of depression. According to her, victims of depression are incapable of leading an ordinary life in that they cannot maintain a relationship or a job. Worst-case scenario, the normal individuals isolate themselves from such people. Ashley empathizes that although depression is not a choice, it is both a disability and a disease that cannot be controlled. For this reason, victims suffering from the condition ought not to be stigmatized. In fact, they should be treated like those suffering from arthritis or heart disease.

About Talkspace

Talkspace is a confidential and affordable therapy application with its headquarters located in New York City. Roni Frank and Oren Frank are the brains behind the inception of the platform on June 1, 2012. The unique thing about Talkspace is that it includes licensed and professional therapists who are available to users whenever and wherever in times of need. Consequently, this means that users have access to expert therapists who they can talk to regarding their issues without the need to make an appointment.

With a lineup of more than 1000 licensed therapists, Talkspace users are assured of confidentiality in all their engagements with any professional. In fact, similar privacy rules apply to the platform as they do at a therapy office. Additionally, the therapists are trained to handle issues without judging their clients. They also deal with different problems like anxiety, depression, and the challenges of being a veteran or member of LGBT community among many others.

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