Orange Juice and Grapefruits May Cause Melanoma Risk

According to a report appearing in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, individuals may be at an elevated risk of developing melanoma if they consume a glass of orange juice or eat a grapefruit, in the morning. A form of cancer, melanoma, left undetected, can prove to be fatal.

The participants of the study, 100,000 United States adults, were monitored over a period of nearly 25 years. 1,800 individuals were diagnosed with melanoma, over the period of the study, with the probability elevated amongst those who ate a grapefruit or enjoyed a glass of orange juice. In addition, factors such as lifestyle, amount of daily exposure to the sun, and degree of severity of sunburns, were given due consideration.

Having a glass of orange juice every day, Tabar noticed elevated an individual’s probability of the onset of melanoma by 25%, and individuals eating a grapefruit had an elevated risk of developing melanoma of 41%, versus those that did not eat a grapefruit every day.

“I don’t think the general public should make any changes based on this study,” Mariann Berwick, a University of New Mexico, dermatology professor commented, and further indicated, “We certainly wouldn’t want people to avoid fruits that are generally good for their health, just be aware that there’s an association with melanoma, and perhaps be extra careful about sun protection on days you’re eating citrus fruits.”