The medical field would be incomplete without medical practitioners such Dr.Scott Rocklage. This is because of the numerous contributions he has made in this field especially in the category of progressive medicine.Scott Rocklage is a medical practitioner with over 30 years experience in the field.The doctor is a medical researcher, medical manager, and a doctor all rolled into one.


The doctor has various principles which have propelled him in his career. Scott Rucklage works with entrepreneurs, scientists and physicians to produce life changing medications that treat various diseases.The modern way of treating cancer using genotypes to treat disease such as Cancer excites the doctor. Scott Rucklage prides himself as an organized and excellent time manager and this has helped him in being a productive entrepreneur. He advises people to focus on entrepreneurship rather than employment to succeed in life.


However, if he had a second chance to restart the company, his focus would lean on the selection of the employees.However, to beat this challenge his advice is to hire and fire on performance merit. In addition to this, his advice is to take measured risks in any venture you undertake.


About Scott Rucklage:


Scott Rucklage deals with life science venture investing. He has addressed various health establishments in the over 30 years he has been in this industry.Dr. Scott Rocklage is the Managing Partner of 5 AM Ventures. He joined this company in 2003 as a venture partner and got his present job appointment in 2004. 5 AM is a life science venture capital company that deals with developing new generation medication.


In addition to this post, he has also been the CEO and Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals among others. Doctor Scott Rucklage has also served as the chairman of the Relypsa and Novira board. Currently, he serves the Cidara board, Rennovia board, and Kinestral board. He is affiliated to many other medical pharmaceuticals where he has served in various capacities.


Scott Rucklage attended MIT and received a Ph. D. in Chemistry and he also has a B.S in Chemistry from the University of California. He has over 30 patents with his name and he has authored over 100 professional medical publications.