Dr. Johanan Rand: The Ultimate Answer to Any Aging Problems

Dr. Johanan Rand is the president and the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers. This is a medical facility located in West Orange, New Jersey. Interesting to note, Rand is certified, licensed to offer, and practice his expertise in medicine in the specific state. He has a wide range of experiences that originates from his trainings and the professional background. Dr. Johanan Rand was an intern at St. Barnabas Medical Center after completion of his studies in Howard University College of Medicine. Rand was a resident at Albert Einstein College of Medicine after which he founded the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. This was driven by his interest to bring quality health care services to patients. Among his focus, Dr. Johanan Rand, is the reduction of unwanted aging effects and aims at restoring the natural hormonal balance in the patients’ body. Dr. Johanan Rand is affiliated to the Chilton Medical Centre, Pompton Plains in New Jersey.

In his venture in the career, Dr. Johanan Rand understands the symptoms of aging and that is why he is committed to treating some of the sources of such issues. He explains that aging happens because of the hormonal changes in the body. It is at this time that some levels of some hormones lower. With this knowledge, it is possible to boost some of these hormones. Rand offers the services on the grounds of individual will and the required levels. He also offers free education to the patients in the clinic on why they should understand their health wellness. There are various therapies provided at the clinic that bring a long-term experience and wellness in the patient’s life.

Dr. Johanan Rand’s approach to the health issues that are currently emerging is directed to diet, hormone therapy, and exercise. He says that supplements in the nutrition program enable the body metabolisms to function perfectly. More outcomes are achieved through the maintenance of a hormonal balance (http://weeklyopinion.com/2018/03/dr-dov-rand-aging-expert/). However, Dr. Rand adds that the hormone therapy works best when it is accompanied by the nutritional supplements and exercise. An example of aging conditions that Rand would be of great help is the erectile dysfunction in men, physical therapies, and emotional challenges.


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