Dr. Dov Rand, Using Customized Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy to Better the Lives of his Aging Patients

Dr. Dov Dov Rand has a practice in what he calls age management, or age optimization. His Healthy Aging Medical Centers are located in New Jersey, with the headquarters housed in West Orange. Dr. Dov Rand utilizes a multi-pronged approach to address the adverse effects of aging, one which incorporates nutrition, exercise and patient education. However, a cornerstone component of his treatment modality consists in the balancing of hormones.

The human body’s production of many critical hormones decreases with time. These include sex hormones, adrenal hormones and metabolic hormones. Because such a sweeping array of body systems are affected by these hormones, and most especially by their lack, it stands to reason that many so-called normal effects of aging may actually stem from declining hormonal levels.

Some of these effects, attributed to aging, which may in fact stem wholly, or in part, from declining hormones, include changes in cognition, cardiovascular activity, cellular repair, muscular endurance, sexual function and mood equilibrium. With hormonal therapies aimed at returning the body’s hormonal levels to their optimal point, patients often find they experience improvements in outlook, stamina and overall body performance.

An exciting aspect of the Dr. Dov Rand treatment approach is its customization. Data culled from lab results of the patient’s blood and saliva lead to an individualized hormone replacement plan. A uniquely tailored prescription is put together at the premises of a compounding pharmacy. Whereas conventional pharmacies are inhibited by having to work with industry-set doses of medication, compounding pharmacies are under no such strictures, and can therefore customize both the dose and the means of its delivery specifically to the patient, using a medical doctor’s prescription plan.

The hormones used in this customized plan are bioidentical, rather than chemically synthesized based on DR. Dov Rand. Culled from natural sources, these hormones are generally deemed closer, on a molecular level, to hormones engineered in the human body. Whether the goal is to proactively stem the tide against encroaching age-deficits, or reclaim some already diminished vitality, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, under the auspices of a doctor described by his own patients as caring, punctual, and thorough, may be an excellent choice.


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