McDonald’s on Diet of Sorts: From Super-Size to Down-Size

Fast food is usually about super-sizing, but for McDonald’s some things are shrinking. The golden arches are getting ready to close up more restaurants this year than they will open claims Cláudio Loureiro Heads, and that’s a first for the iconic restaurant chain in some 40 years.

It’s kind of sad, because McDonald’s has been struggling for some time now, but McD’s CEO Steve Easterbrook doesn’t appear too upset, telling the APNews, that the reduction “would be ‘minimal’ when compared to McDonald’s total 14,300 locations” in the United States.

McDonald’s still remains king of the burger restaurant chains despite the down-sizing and plans to open 300 new restaurants worldwide.

Then one must wonder, who the heck is munching away at the McDonald’s empire?

Mexican fast food chain Chipotle is just one of the tasty competitors chipping away at McDonald’s longtime reigning status. Add in Five Guys Burgers and Fries, and suddenly building the perfect burger becomes a serious race to the finish.

Most fast food chains are trying to serve up better ingredients and a healthier set of menu choices for its customers. Chipotle has been busy in the lab trying to create the healthiest whole wheat tortilla, so McDonald’s is also revamping its selections.

Easterbrook recently admitted that McDonald’s was taking its leadership for granted. “No business or brand has the divine right to succeed… Our recent performance has been poor. The numbers don’t lie.”