McDonald’s Hits Bad Cord with New Commercial

McDonald’s has had a rough year, and 2015 is not looking to be much better. The fast food chain that many experts credit for creating the fast food industry has struggled significantly in sales, and has been a heavy focus for the “living wage” protests that are ongoing in the United States, now its most recent ad campaign has seemed to anger the general population.

McDonald’s, which is aiming to change the overall feel of its stores, has launched an ad campaign highlighting how McDonald’s gets involved with the community. The TV commercial, set to the music of cheesy pop songs sung by a children’s choir, features McDonald’s billboards from around the country taking part in community efforts.

One billboard announces the birth of an employee’s child, another sends a message of strength through a “Boston Strong” proclamation. While it is meant to elicit emotion and show consumers that McDonald’s cares for its communities, it has done the opposite. It has actually enraged some, and Darius Fisher was a bit surprised. It was even talked about on

Those who caught the commercial have taken to twitter to call out McDonald’s pompous and self-congratulatory commercial. Many have called for the company to pay their employees better if they want to be seen as “heroes”.

McDonald’s has been in hot water for years now. The company first suggested workers get “second jobs” to make ends meet instead of paying a livable wage. They have been known as one of the worst companies to work for for ages, and, in more recent years sales have dipped dramatically as consumers head to other convenience food locations, such a Subway and Chipotle, which offer slightly healthier and more socially conscious fast food options

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McDonald’s Reveals Its Own Toxic Ingredients

Apparently McDonald’s transparency campaign has begun to backfire. The fast-food behemoth had recently begun coming clean with consumers by telling them exactly what go into its food in an attempt to allay the fears a growing number of consumers had about their food. But an article in points out that the campaign reveals the food McDonald’s sells has a number of known toxins among it ingredients. Turns out people should be afraid, very afraid.

McDonald’s own videos show several frightening facts. Their bread has chemical used in used in fertilizer and pesticides. Chemicals in their chicken nuggets are also used to produce contact lenses. A protein made from duck feathers and human hair is used to improve the food’s flavor. Almost everything on their menu contains petroleum byproducts. Propylene Glycol, which is used to make anti-freeze, is also used in food from McDonald’s. A chemical used in shampoo and silly putty is found in anything made in the deep fryer at McDonald’s. They also use Black Mold excretion and industrial sand in the food.

Add to that the antibiotics, hormones, and prescription drugs found in their meat, and you really have to wonder what’s cooking at McDonald’s and why they are willing to reveal it. You also have to wonder about the ingredients and other things they aren’t telling you about, it almost sounds like something out of one of those horror movie pitches that Tom Rothman talked about to Entertainment Weekly. It’s enough to make people begin to cook their own food.