Sahm Adrangi Has Little Faith In Eastman Kodak Methods

Sahm Adrangi of Kerrisdale Capital, a management and investment firm, has issued a warning to all investors out there to be cautious before dealing with Eastman Kodak. The stock for Kodak jumped an incredible amount, nearly 200 percent, due to the new cryptocurrency’s. Sahm doesn’t believe this is a legit opportunity, but rather a quite obvious scheme to take advantage of many people’s growing interest in cryptocurrency.

Sahm Adrangi says that despite the decent history behind Eastman Kodak, the company has not managed to stay up to date with the expanding technologies out there. This makes Sahm confident that Kodak will fail to amount to anything worth calling into question. This stunt is largely for publicity and will have some effect due to cryptocurrencies disruption in the usual markets, however, cryptocurrency will not fix any problems in the long run for Eastman Kodak. Their image licensing system is as unstable as the cryptocurrency market is. Sahm’s concern extends to Eastman Kodak’s partnered companies as well, including App Coin Innovations.

Eastman Kodak may be a former giant, but this last effort is highly unlikely to amount to a success, and any investor that get involved will also be involved in the inevitable fall. Just 6 years ago, Kodak had to file a chapter 11 due to the very same conditions in the market that are here today. The progress of Kodak has fallen behind in the competitive market they are in, which put’s into question what the management at the company is doing.

Sahm Adrangi started up Kerrisdale Capital with under a million dollars, and today he has grown the company into a multi-million dollar corporation with assets surpassing 150 million. Sahm has had his fair share of experience dealing with the fluctuating markets and choosing the right investments, and overall he has been very successful. He credits his ability to find undervalued stocks or even overvalued ones as a key to his success. Thankfully, Sahm Adrangi wants to see others succeed as well, which is why he shares his ideas and methods for investing in social media and articles he publishes.


Alexandre Gama Is An Artist And An Entrepreneur

Alexandre Gama is known more as an artist than an international executive. His production has brought him to the Cannes Festival as a master class producer. In total, he has 23 trophies from that festival, in addition to other awards.

He studied marketing in college and began his craft as a copywriter in the 1980s. As he learned quickly, Alexandre Gama eventually becomes the country’s most famous writers in his industry. He was invited to work for DM9 for several years prior to starting his own company.

Since the grand opening of Neogama in 1999, he promptly went one to produce high-quality advertisement products Brazil has never seen before. After the merger with BBH of London, his company went to new levels in the international industry.

Since he had risen so quickly, he was invited to be a part of the Global Creative Board of the Publicis Groupe. With his position, he was able to give his unique input on worldwide communications matters.

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