Stem Cell Lung Disease Treatment at the Lung Institute

The Lung Institute was established by medical professionals with expertise in stem cell treatment and lung disease. The Lung Institute has clinics located across the United States. As a result, a person dealing with a lung disease or condition can access the services the Lung Institute located close to that individual’s home.

The medical team at the Lung Institute understands that lung disease negative impacts the the quality of life for those suffering from lung condition. The Lung Institute utilizes stem cell treatment to address lung conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, and interstitial lung disease.

These diseases impact the overall quality of life of people afflicted with these conditions. These diseases can impact a person physically and mentally. These conditions can impact a person’s ability to tend to many functions of daily living. According to the Baylor College of Medicine, this includes such activities like bathing and grooming, cooking meals, and even walking.

Traditional treatments for lung diseases and conditions traditionally has involved medicines, steroids, radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. At the Lung Institute, the stem cell treatment process is far less invasive.

In addition to being a minimally invasive procedure, the stem cell treatment at the Lung Institute also has far less side effects that is the case with traditional treatment alternatives. Indeed, in most cases, the stem cell process used at the Lung Institute has not appreciable side effects whatsoever.

The treatment process at the Lung Institute uses autologous stem cells. These are stem cells taken from a patient’s own body. These stem cells harness that individual’s natural healing capacities in addressing a lung disease or condition.

The stem cell treatment process used by the Lung Institute does more than just aid in alleviating symptoms of lung disease. The treatment process also is demonstrated to slow the progression of some lung diseases in certain cases. For more info, go to

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