Two New Cholesterol Lowering Drugs Head for Approval

Before a drug can be approved for use, it must get approval from the FDA. On Wednesday, according to NBC, two new cholesterol lowering drugs got that approval. For those struggling with high cholesterol, this can be exciting news. and Daniel Amen agree that the new drugs come in the form of an inject-able medication and may be considered a bit expensive, so this may not be good news for everyone.

Studies on these two drugs show the ability to dramatically lower cholesterol levels without the side effects of the current popular statin drugs. The advisory panel says that these drugs are geared toward those with a specific type of inherited form of high cholesterol and for those who cannot tolerate the statin drugs.

The drawback on these two drugs besides the high price is that they do not show signs of being able to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke the way that the statin drugs do.