Equities First Holdings Is Changing The Lending Industry

New Problems Need New Solutions

Recently, financial problems have created serious issues for businesses looking for financial assistance. To alleviate the issue, many lenders are looking for non-traditional means of providing loans. A particularly innovative approach is the securities backed collateral loan. Equities First Holdings, a firm specializing in these loans, is leading the pack. All any company needs to borrow from Equities First is to prove it has some sort of security, such as stocks or bonds, and Equities First will assist the company with a loan.

Driving A Hard Bargain

The benefits of a securities backed loan, when compared with a traditional margin loan, are much greater. Applicants applying for a securities backed collateral loan do not need to undergo extensive credit reviews, and the loans they receive are typically at a much lower interest rate than a margin loan of similar value. Much of this success is due to the unique nature of securities. Securities produce dividends and can actually increase in value over time, which means that even if the loan isn’t paid back Equities First is able to recoup any loss. This simply isn’t the case for margin loans, which rely on minimal risks.

About: Equities First Holdings

Founded in 2002, Equities First Holdings is a lending firm with a focus on securities backed loans. This business model has helped Equities First stand out among competitors and made the  firm a favorite in recent years as many borrows are unable to secure a more traditional loan. Over the course of its history, Equities First has performed more than 600 transactions involving billions in revenue. The revenue has allowed Equities First to expand its business, and it now has offices scattered across the planet.

The clientele of Equities First runs the gamut from private individuals to actual corporations. Some clients need a loan to mortgage a real estate purchase, but there are others who use the loans to start a business. Regardless of the reason for the loan, Equities First Holdings provides loans for those in situations the lending market typically does not serve well.

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Equities First Holdings Unique Lending Alternative

Equities First Holdings is a financial service providing company located in the United Kingdom. The private corporation specializes in offering clients with finance solutions, capital providence and other various financial services.Equities First Holdings avails its quality-proven services to persons with a verified financial qualification in need of money. The money provided by the firm is majorly a non-purpose loan that allows the borrower to decide on the preferred venture of investment.

The process through which the company offers the capital is consistently transparent and secure, hence ensuring that the customers have adequate flexibility in usage of the money.To-date Equities has a record of transacting more than 625 non-purpose capital loans.The unique strategy of the credit offered by the firm is that the company does not adhere to the traditional financing conditions and also provides a lower capital cost with improved financing terms.

Equities First Holdings has its headquarters in Indianapolis in the United States and has extended its business to other nations such as London, Hong Kong, Sydney, Singapore, and Bangkok.Equities’ primary product is the stock alternative loan. The loaning option allows a borrower with stock in a different firm to use Equities as the collateral for three years. When the borrower is sure that the stock at the other company will increase with time, he/she can then transfers the shares to Equities to qualify for a loan procession.

The main details of the procedure are that the borrower does not have to liquidate the active stock in question. The person also has the benefit to retain the full market value upon maturity of the appreciated stock.Equities First Holdings has assured clients of integral and quality services by adhering to the following standards:

Supervision of transactions by a trusted legal party

Maintaining low fixed rates of 3 percent during the life of the procession

The lender’s recovery is solely limited to the agreed collateral, inclusive of the stock on the major exchange market

Return of matured collateral to the borrower upon maturity of the loan

Fixed loan to value ratio of 75 percent

Credit transaction takes five to seven business days


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