CDC Ends Blue Bell Listeria Investigation

On Wednesday, June 10, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that it finished its investigation into the Blue Bell Listeria outbreak.

After reviewing the DNA of Listeria found in several Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Alabama, the CDC determined that the outbreak, which only affected 10 people, involved several strains. Three of the people died from it.

The CDC also recommended that the public not eat any Blue Bell products that they still have in their homes or that some retailers may still be selling. These products may contain one or more strains of Listeria. People with compromised or weak immune systems, such as the elderly, pregnant women and children, are at high risk.

An exact source of the Listeria hasn’t yet been found by Blue Bell or federal investigators. It may have been linked to an unsanitary former equipment storage room in its Oklahoma facility. Many of the surfaces at its Alabama facility were also contaminated.

Beyond contamination from equipment, Blue Bell believes that workers who came in contact with the unsanitary room transferred particles to other areas of the Oklahoma plant says Dr. Daniel Amen. It is requiring workplace clothing policy changes that will help reduce the chance of employees transferring the bacteria.

Blue Bell will be allowed to restart production of its ice cream and related products after it finishes making changes required by the investigators.

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