The Functions of Rocketship Education

A non-profit charter school, Rocketship Education has its headquarters located in Redwood City, California and many regional offices across the US. The institution was established by Preston Smith and John Danner in 2007 due to their love for helping the needy. Rocketship Education uses a blended learning model that has adaptive software so as to boost the achievement of students. The institution currently has 16 charter schools that are situated in Redwood City, San Jose, Concord California, Washington DC, Milwaukee and Nashville. A network of K-5 public charter school, Rocketship Education serves primarily students from low-income neighborhoods where there is limited access to excellent schools. The organization also applies targeted tutoring and traditional instruction.

The main aim of Rocketship Education is to meet the unique requirements of each student. The organization believes that transformative schools are capable of doing more than just educating students; they engage parents, empower teachers as well as inspiring communities. The bold mission of Rocketship is to remove the achievement gap that exists within our lifetime. Since it was established in 2006, Rocketship has managed to rethink elementary school through continuous innovation. For the years it has been in operation, Rocketship has managed to grow and expand rapidly and every year it opens one or more new schools. In 2014, Rocketship expanded to Nashville where it opened new schools as well as in Memphis.

The plan of Rocketship Education was to serve more than 25,000 low income students by 2017. Through the Sixteen Graduate School Fellows as well as the Analyst Fellows the organization has managed to develop curriculum for the leadership development program for teachers and principals-in training with leadership aspirations. Since its inception, Rocketship Education has helped many young students achieve their dreams through their exemplary education scholarships. The organization has employed a team of staff who still share in the same vision with the school. Rocketship understands that a child can only uncover their true potential through acquiring good education. Students from low-income neighborhoods in the US can apply for scholarships at the school and get to learn the same education from their colleagues from high-end neighborhoods.