José Auriemo Neto and JHSF Take Luxury to a New Level

José Auriemo Neto is the CEO of the Brazilian powerhouse real estate company JHSF and his tenure has been marked by continued expansion and innovation that has helped the company maintain a high-growth trajectory. Under his leadership of Neto, they have continued to build upon their already considerable expertise in developing and managing high-end projects that are among some of the most well-known cultural touchstones in Brazil.

The career of José Auriemo Neto has been characterized by innovation and creative thinking which has helped JHSF prosper in a modern economy. He spent a considerable amount of time working alongside his father as he learned the family business. He has developed a considerable range of skills that enable JHSF to be the primary player in the Brazilian real-estate sector of high-end luxury developments.

The Cidade Jardim Shops is a fine example of an extraordinary project that is world-class in its essence. The retail opportunities in this mall continue to help this region set trends in fashion, restaurants, and in the lifestyle category. It features unique restaurants with sweeping views along with open-air terraces and gardens. Furthermore, it is fully integrated with Hotel Fasano which makes this area a must-see destination.

The establishment of strategic partnerships with top luxury brands has been a priority for José Auriemo Neto and one good example is Daslu. They are based in Sao Paulo and they are an exclusive fashion chain which furthers the scope of JHSF’s high-end endeavors. Several other notable brands are worthy of mention and they include the Reebok Academy, Cinemark, and Louis Vuitton among many others. He has helped JHSF by designing a blueprint to build world-class malls in major cities.

José Auriemo Neto is an alumnus of the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) University in Sao Paulo. He was a driving force in the founding of JHSF’s service department as he brought into being Parkbem which is a parking lot management company. Bolstered by this success, his next project was even more ambitious and this was the first shopping development undertaken by JHSF known as Shopping Santa Cruz. This occurred in 1998 and was a milestone for the company and they haven’t looked back since. Neither has Auriemo Neto.