Jason Hope and Helping To Put An End To Aging

What if someone said that they hope to one day be able to change how aging works? Would you be inclined to learn a little more about them? What if someone told you that there was a way to help to find a cure for some diseases and illnesses that affect people all around the world? Are you more interested in the outcome?

For one individual, Jason Hope, he hopes to one day be able to find a way to help counter react aging but also to help others out by finding ways to put an end to things like diabetes and Alzheimers. Jason Hope is helping to put an end to things like this. The changes being made to modern medicine through the SENS Foundation is helping to bring healthcare, medicine and redefining how the healthcare field is working.

Jason Hope has invested his own money into helping to ensure that medicine and technology is working together. In order for Jason to show his own hope within the field, he was able to risk his own money when he invested a half million dollars of his own finances. The hope is to bring tremendous changes to how things work under the SENS Foundation.

The chief executive for SENS, Mike Kope has helped to highlight the contributions made by Jason Hope to include the importance of the funds donated by Jason Hope. With the funds donated by Jason, the nonprofit was able to help out those who need it the most, like the elderly. With the use of biotechnology, there are new and exciting ways to rejuvenate others around the world.

One of the cool and exciting things that the money was able to do was to help prevent cells from bonding and becausse Jason Hope was able to donate the money to the SENS Foundation, this was one thing that they were able to start working on. This technique would help to put a stop to clogged arteries as well as to prevent arteries from hardening and can help to put an end to high blood pressure. These conditions are just some of the things that can be put an end to by helping the SENS Foundation find cures to common health problems.

The one thing in life that cannot ever be avoided is aging. No matter who it is, the fact remains that anyone and everyone has to age. How you age is up to you and finding ways to counter react how aging affects you is up to you. With the help of the SENS Foundation, the hope is to put an end to how each person responds to aging and the breakdown of cells.

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Jason Hope Fights Against Aging

No one wants to get older, but it’s something everyone must face; or is it? There are several organizations out there trying to discover ways to combat the effects of aging. Getting older is something people used to think was inevitable, so most health companies only focused on combating the effects of getting older.

Now, people like philanthropist Jason Hope are getting involved. A few years ago, Jason Hope became interested in researching health care issues that arise as people get older. Most likely scared of getting older himself, he began looking for ways to combat aging.

What he found was an organization called SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is dedicated to fighting the effects of getting older at the sources of the problem. Effectively, they’re trying to prolong human life so that people don’t have to face any of the many health problems that come with higher ages.

Although that problem seems impossible, current biotechnology gives modern humans a chance to change nature. Jason Hope first started working with SENS in 2010 when he donated $500,000 to the organization. He believed that their approach to healthcare is the only one that shows real promise and potential.

Jason Hope is a man who’s focused on improving humanity’s quality of life. He lives one of the healthiest lives of anyone, and still, he doesn’t want to face the difficulties of getting older. Every day, he wakes and has a healthy breakfast before a quick workout. After that, he starts his daily routines of checking email, messages, and social media accounts.

Unlike other futurists, Hope also understands that people need to take breaks from technology. He doesn’t stay on the computer or his phone all day; he periodically takes breaks. The only times he might stay online longer is if he’s working on bringing an idea to life.

Most of his ideas seem far-fetch or too imaginative for most people to understand. In reality, all of the ideas he works on are simple or at least not too overly complicated. Once he has a general idea, it’s just a matter of taking things step-by-step, checking and double checking everything along the way.

Like every other futurist, technology is something that gets him really excited. He’s especially excited about IoT (the “Internet of Things”).

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The Oxford Club is a Go-To Investing Resource

The Oxford Club has become the go-to resource for those who are serious about developing an extraordinary portfolio that beats the market while lowering one’s risk. Throughout their existence, this has been a primary goal and they have honed and refined their techniques to a high level. The top-level market research that they provide their members can be a huge advantage for those wishing to harness the power of markets in a way that doesn’t involve huge risk.

A growing private network of investors is what The Oxford Club is and they now number more than 157,000 strong. Furthermore, they have members in 131 different countries with unique insights on all investment vehicles in the global marketplace. This sprawling reach indicates their level of growth and effectiveness in what they do.

The origins of The Oxford Club consist of early members starting a small group to bandy about interesting investment ideas. The name change was made to what it is today and their growth has been steady throughout the years. The early and continuing belief was that the best investment opportunities are unearthed through personal contacts rather than financial media.

Investment U is a valuable resource that The Oxford Club provides its members and it enables them to gain a solid understanding of markets with the end goal being their financial independence. They offer videos, online courses, and conferences to provide investing insights and how to construct an excellent portfolio with multi-pronged aims.

Three membership levels are available at The Oxford Club beginning with the Premier level which is the purchase of any one of their newsletters. This provides expert analysis and commentary within the chosen market segment. To kick it up a notch one can purchase the Director’s Circle membership which gives access to all three newsletters over the member’s lifetime. Finally, the Chairman’s Circle membership gives full access to all of their publications as well as unique features found on the website.

The Oxford Club has shown a steady rate of growth over the years which highlights their commitment to members and indicates the successful implementation of their time-tested strategies.


Highland Capital Management Increase Stake Invested in Nexpoint Credit

Highland Capital Management LLP, is located in Dallas, Texas. It was co-founded by investment guru James Dondero, and is estimated to have a current value of $2.44 billion. Recently, they have stepped up their investment efforts to extend to Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund. At this time, James Dondero owns 3.01 million shares of the company, which totals 18% of the company in total.

According to a recent analysis, Dondero is the largest stakeholder in the company, which gives him an extremely large say in the company’s everyday interworking’s.Nexpoint’s estimated value is currently $600 million, and it falls into the top 10% of closed-end funds. The company is considered to be a spin-off of two other companies, including Nexpoint Credit Stratagies Fund and Nexpoint Residential Trust INC. Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund focused on building real-estate asset and frequently works alongside Highland Real Estate Capital REIT.

James Dondero

James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management LLP, in 1993. They are based out of Dallas, Texas. As a whole, Highland Capital Management is active in the community and donates a large percentage of their proceeds to non-profit organizations that have set out make the community a better place. Currently, Highland Capital Management LLP. manages over $15.4 billion in assets. They are one of the largest global investment firms in North America. They specialize in private equity and credit strategies for their clients.Recently, James Dondero issued a Challenge Grant for a non-profit family shelter known as “The Family Place.” His goal is to aid the company in helping as many families as possible, which is proving to be successful.

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If one evaluated the trends in the technology and fashion world, it is possible to identify how the two industries have greatly contributed to the growth of each other. According to Christopher Burch, an entrepreneur and active investor for over forty years, over time technology has become fashionable and fashion has become technologically fashionable. Technology and fashion work together to make the best of each other.



Through the use of technology fashion designers have been able to bring high standard innovation and functionality to their work resulting in creation of things that sell. Additionally, technology has led to advancement of fashion of protective gear. For example, the airbag for cyclist created by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin. As much as it may not appear fashionable, technology has enabled its development making it safer for cyclist.



Through technology fashion designers have been able to recycle materials and make fabulous designs and items. For example the jackets and t-shirts made out of recycled inner tubes of bicycles by SegraSegra. Fashion has also been used to make some technological items such as the Google Glass appear fashionable. The two industries have great future growth potentials. For example, they can create energy such as in the case of a project by Soledad Martin to develop shoes that can charge a cell phone while walking or running.



Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He began his career as an undergraduate student at Itchica College when he and his brother Bob began Eagles Eye apparel. The company began with only $2000 and grew to a $165 million company before being resold. He uses his entrepreneurial values, vision for new markets, creativity and support to develop brands and business that have a positive and lasting impact on the consumers. He has been part of the rise of more than 50 technology and luxury brands for example Faena Hotel + Universe, Poppin, Voss Water, Nihiwatu, Cocoon 9 and Jawbone. In his ventures, he has also worked with great personalities such as Ellen DeGeneres.



He is also a board member at Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation and served as the president of the Pierre Hotel Co-op Board in the past. He makes great contributions towards research and charity initiatives at organizations such as Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, the China Association of social Work, the Henry Street Settlement and NYU Langone. He is currently supporting the development of other lifestyle and consumer product brands including BaubleBar, Blink Health, Chubbies, Little Duck Organics and Soludos.


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