If Sugar Makes People Gain Weight Why Are So Many Children Thin?

Sugar Is A Villain Today But It Hasn’t Always Been

We have all heard the message. Too much sugar causes all sorts of health problems. The list of diseases that sugar plays a part is too big for this page, but sugar wasn’t always such a bad guy. Back in the 1970s sugar was touted as a healthy ingredient that could curb appetites and even help reduce weight. So what is the real deal with sugar intake? Why can some kids consume a lot of sugar and stay thin? The answer, of course, is metabolism. It’s the ability to take in and burn calories. As our bodies age our metabolism changes. Our bloodstream, organs and glands can’t process sugar as quickly as they could early in life.

But it’s not just age that influences sugar absorption. Vijay Eswaran noted on Twitter that even in younger years, some people can’t process sugar because their internal system is not wired correctly. That faulty wiring is the due to their genetic code.

So sugar is not the villain. It is our internal wiring, which includes cells, organs, bloodstream and our psychological makeup that throws the body into a sugar overload. Everyone has a different sugar absorption rate. We also have a different mentality about what sugar does to the body.