Securus Technologies Inc. Aims to Protect Us

With an investment of over 40 million dollars, Securus Technologies Inc. has developed a technology that will regulate the cell phone use by our inmates. Since July 2016, this Wireless Containment Solutions (WCS) has stopped over 1.7 million calls out of the prison system by inmates who have cell phones. In March 2017, Ex-Correctional Officer Robert Johnson addressed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). During that same month, the FCC voted to streamline the process. Thus, reducing paperwork and wireless carries for the prison facilities. Johnson wanted to make sure the board new and understand the importance this is to keep the public safe.



Due to a law that restricts jamming signals, the FCC had to find another solution. Securus has been contracted to provide inmates to make paid phone calls from inside the prison. Therefore, giving another solution. Now that the technology is within the prison, Securus has their system in place to not only provide this service but to block cell phone calls from cell phones. As an inmate tries to call out with a cell phone, it goes to Securus Technologies Inc. Then if the call is not on the approved calling list, it will not go out. Instead, it will be kicked back telling the inmate the call could not be completed as dialed. The prisoner thinks that the call is going out as normal. They do not realize the Securus is monitoring the activity.



Securus Technologies Inc. and Johnson believe strongly in this project. Even though it has not been available in every prison across the United States, it is growing. As the technology continues to develop, the security will become better. Securus is striving to improve WCS. With more tests, they will have the perfect weapon against the use of cell phones by inmates. I pray that one day I will turn on the television, listen to the radio, or read the newspaper and hear about WCS being in every prison and the lives they are saving through their technology to block cell phone use within the prison system.



Securus Technologies Inc. are based out of Dallas, Texas. They serve many agencies throughout law enforcement and the Department of Corrections. As they serve these agencies, they provide a much-needed service for more than 1.2 million inmates throughout North America. Securus has a goal to keep us safe and provide hope for the inmates by allowing them to contact loved ones. Technology has come a long way thanks to Securus Technologies Inc. We now can feel safer walking out the door. As technology continues to evolve, our safety continues to improve.




Customer Comments About Securus Technologies` Use of Technology to Prevent Crime

Crime has lasting effects on all of us, regardless of our economic, social or cultural background. At Securus Technologies, we provide innovative solutions to prevent and solve crime. We are offering an open invitation to all law enforcement facilities, including organization, to visit our technology centers. We provide creative solutions that revolutionize the crime-threatened environment and progressively help facilities. Our measures improve the public safety by protecting crucial structures in our society.


Various customers commented on the technology. Inmates also provided their view regarding inmate crimes. The communications were presented to us, inform of emails and formal letters, by jail and prison officials throughout the country.


Customer Comments


 We have been congratulated for assisting an organization to find and arrest an employee, who introduced contraband to the firm.

 An inmate facility congratulated us for helping control crimes such as drug selling, use of cellular devices, money transfer and threats.

 We were recommended for helping improve public safety by a correctional facility.

 An organization thanked us for helping reduce cases of harassment and potential threats.

 The law enforcers thanked us for helping them use the covert alert feature to arrest a suspect.

 A jail official appreciated the services of the LBS service. The employee described it as the leading technology in jail phone services.


About Securus Technologies


Founded in 1986, we are a leading prison and law enforcement technology organization that is located in Dallas, Texas. We also have regional offices in Georgia, Atlanta, Texas, Allen and Carrollton. With over 1,000 professional employees, we can provide our services across the county. We currently serve over 3,450 law enforcement, correction agencies and public safety facilities.


We are dedicated to connecting law enforcement agencies across the country. Our services include incident management, emergency response, investigation biometric analysis, information management, public information, communication, monitoring and inmate control services.




Securus Technologies – Preventing Crime in Correctional Facilities Using Technology

Securus Technologies is a company that has been pioneering the correctional sphere since its inception and has contributed significantly to modernizing the incarceration experience. It has helped millions of inmates reunite through the means of communications with their families and loved ones, which was difficult or impossible a few years back.



Talking about the future, Securus Technologies recently announced that the inmates would have access to round the clock communication with their loved ones, and also the cost of such services would come down drastically. The company believes in providing highly attentive and responsive customer service for which it recently also bagged the Gold Stevie Award.



Securus Technologies likes to keep its operation and business machinery transparent for its clients and investors, and it is for this reason it invited them to its technology center in Dallas, TX, recently. The company extended the open invitation in a media release recently, and also showcased the comments from the law enforcement officials from the letters sent by them. The company wanted to showcase to the public how the technology provided by Securus Technologies is helping millions of inmates and helping the law enforcement officials to perform their duty safely.



As one of the youngest law enforcement personnel in my county, I feel that using technology to combat the rising crime is an excellent opportunity to make communities much safer than they are today. I have used the products and services offered by Securus Technologies on many occasions, and it has helped me get crucial information about the crime that was going to be committed to the jail where I worked. It helped me prevent crime as well as catch the drug pedlars and guns suppliers. Securus Technologies ensures that the law enforcement officials have the power of technology when they are outperforming their duty.