The Role of United Vintners in Providing High-Quality Wine to Various Parts of the World

Wine making and intake has been popular in the history of United Kingdom. Currently, there is a general increase in the demand for wine more than ever in the UK. Therefore, the vintners in the UK have taken a leading role in ensuring that they provide the best quality of wine in the market. There are a few vintners in the United Kingdom, and most of them produce the best wine there is in the world. The leading vintners in the United Kingdom include Wilkinson Vintners, UK Vintners, Merchant Vintners, Enotria & Coe, and Capital Vintners.

Society of Vintners in U.K

The Society of Vintners ( comprises of five wine merchants from Nottingham Wine Buying Group and others from Allied Wine Buyers Consortium. The two groups came together in the early 1970s to form the Society of Vintners Ltd. The Society consists of 25 members from Wales, England, Channel Islands, and Scotland. The members meet four times in a year for wine tasting and reviewing the purchases. Their primary goal during the sale of their products lies on the quality rather than the pricing of the wine.

The members operate similar companies, and they run their sales through the member’s network rather than doing it on their own. They agree on their prices and the quality of the wine before embarking on the negotiations and the sale. The Society of Vintners deliver their products to countries such as France, Italy, Europe, Spain, Australia, South Africa, and California among others. The company reports that there is a general increase in the demand for the red wine more than the white one resulting to a scarcity and a raise on the prices.

The Wine Making Apprenticeship

The growing demand for wine in the UK has made the young people gain interests in learning about this fast-developing industry. Therefore, Hattingley Valley Wines has teamed up with the Worshipful Company of Vintners in offering the first winemaking apprenticeship in the United Kingdom. The successful applicants receive full sponsorship for the courses in vine growing and wine making from Plumpton College in England.

The main sponsors of this activity include the Worshipful Company of Vintners, Wine & Spirit Education Trust, and the Liberty Wines. The successful candidates will receive training on how to handle various types of machinery such as presses, filters, riddling equipment, pumps, labeling machines, disgorging kit, and heat exchangers. The trainees will receive on-job training with the Worshipful Company of Vintners in preparation for future work with different wineries.